The History of the SporeWiki Fiction Universe is a vast patchwork of events spanning multiple galaxies and universes. This page is to serve as a reference as to which events are the important ones that every contributor should know about.

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The omniverse, presumably, has always existed with its resident Essentials and Valin'uvalyë, although its origins are clouded in a haze of obscurity. The beginning of the main SporeWiki universe itself is that described by modern cosmology: an early rapid expansion ("Big Bang") followed by the formation of stars and galaxies, and later rocky planets and moons that are suitable for life. Many of the earliest sapient species became Ultraterrestrials, although the Grox Empire stagnated to the point where far younger spacefaring powers became a match for them.

Most events throughout history have been confined to within a single galaxy, and each galaxy page should have a history section that describes the most important events. They may also have timeline sections or pages that provide details on specific dates and more localised events. The timelines of the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Quadrant Galaxies were created prior to the standardisation of the Terran calendar, and so use different, and chronologically incompatible, systems. Nevertheless, they do not exist in a bubble, and have canonically crossed over with other stories throughout the history of SporeWiki. As such, the Cyrandian events on this page are listed in their respective timelines, though placed as they occur with respect to events elsewhere in the Universe.

The Story of Humanity is a timeline of events that are relevant to Humanity, whom - like the Grox - all users can include in their fiction.

The "present day" of the SporeWiki universe is the late 3rd millennium AD, with the first collaborative stories (written in 2009) being set in the 2750s, and most fictions slowly advancing forwards in time such that 29th century was reached in 2014. The modern universe was greatly shaped by the influence of the Essential Xhodocto and Ultraterrestrial Zhulultu, whose Congregation fought against the rest of the universe in the War of Ages before the Xhodocto themselves intervened in the Annihilation, destroying all but a few galaxies in the entire universe.

Sagas Edit

The sagas are collections of interconnected stories and war fictions, written by both individuals and collaborations, that form long-running story arcs. The events described in the sagas have often shaped the nations and cultures of the galaxies where they take place, and are an important part of understanding their histories.

Timeline Edit

This is a timeline for the most important events of the Fiction Universe's history. Less influential events may be added later. Due to the impossibility of reconciling the different timelines, Cyrandia years are given in the BNE/NE system, with the chronological order of events given by their placement.

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