This is the official FAQ page for the Fiction Universe which aims to provide answers to common questions possed by the members of the wiki's community. If you have any questions that haven't been addressed by this page, try talking to the users found on SporeWiki's Discord server or by using this article's talk page.

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

How do I join the Fiction Universe?Edit

Joining the Fiction Universe is simple to do, so long as you remember to follow the guidelines essential to the running of the Fiction Universe. Usually, once you send a transmission to a contributor to the Fiction Universe (usually on the talkpage of the empire's page) and have obeyed the guidelines, you are automatically made a member. You may also wish to join a Collaborative Fiction, though you generally need to ask the fiction's administrator before you join.

How do I make Mini-Portraits?Edit

Mini-portraits are small images originally created by TheImperios; they are now common across the Fiction Universe. This information is derived from instructions given by Imperios so all credit goes to him.

What you'll need

How do I make battle images?Edit

You might want to illustrate key events in your fiction, and space battles can be some of the most complicated to depict. Ghelæ wrote a guide about how the intrinsic capabilities of the Adventure Creator can be used to make detailed images of space battles. Here's a summary of the key points:

  • Disguise Gates as the spaceships or air vehicles participating in the scene, and then lift, resize, and rotate them into the desired positions.
  • To account for the fact that Spore planets are unrealistically small, either hide the horizon with hills, set the battle high above the atmosphere, or paint the ground black and use it as a deep space background.
  • Effects can be used to simulate weapons fire and impacts, such as Spotlights for missiles, Lights for pulses, Links for beams, and Static Storm for electrical damage.
  • One-shot effects, and those that change over time (such as Links), can be coordinated by using short acts with timed lengths and no goals.
  • The Laser Battle Effect can be used, but needs caution: it's usually best not to show all of the battle; make it look like there are other ships outside of the scene, to and from which the blasters are being fired.
  • Real in-game weapons can also be used. Use small vehicles and high-health props to fix the endpoints of laser beams.
  • To take the picture, go into Test Drive mode, and pause the game. Use the highest graphics settings that you can for maximum image quality. Use freecam (either Ctrl-Alt-C, or the "freecam" cheat), and unpause the game for short periods if you have to, to get the perfect viewpoint before pressing "C" to take an in-game screenshot and uploading it to the wiki.

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