This page contains the list of the most popular modifications and software used commonly by Fiction Universe and Fantasy Universe collaborators. In case of running into any trouble with these feel free to ask others using the forum or contact us through the official SporeWiki discord.

Spore modsEdit

Force SaveEdit

If you have ever played with any Spore mods, then you know how painful it is to not be able to save your work after many hours of detailing and painting. Force Save is a very important tweak that enables you to save the modded creations in the ingame editor.

Force Save Mod, Alternative fix for Steam users

60 FPS Tweak & HD Textures for CreaturesEdit

Both of these tweaks have a significant impact on the game itself. Increase in maximum FPS from 30 up to 60 makes your game run way smoother, especially if you always wondered why the game does not run smoothly even on high-end PCs. Meanwhile, the HD Textures fix immensely helps out the old Spore graphics, making creatures look significantly better. For the full tutorial on installation of both tweaks, click the link below to the video tutorial:

60 FPS Tweak & HD Textures for Creatures Tutorial

Dark InjectionEdit

Dark Injection is probably the most popular mod for Spore, very commonly used among the wiki's collaborators. It features hundreds of new parts, minor tweaks and additions, as well as offers few HUD modifications. Dark Injection, often referred to simply as "DI", delivers many fine elements for you creatures: limbs, details, melee and ranged weaponry models, light and sound effects and huge assortment of alternative eyes and mouths.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you get the acheivment for gathering all the parts in the creature stage before installing this mod, as many of the creature parts this mod adds cannot be obtained in the creature stage, and even if this is changed in the future, there are actually only so many bone piles and so many alphas on a single planet.

Latest version of Dark Injection

CamBen Color PackEdit


This simple mod adds an immense amount of coloured parts, which are painted differently than the creature itself. This comes in handy with more advanced creations and is found commonly used for making clothing or adding some detail to creatures themselves. CamBen Color Pack offers wide variety of coloured feathers and knurldowns, sorted into two categories: basic parts for quick tweaks (e.g. feathers taking the combined textures of the creature) and many shades of coloured parts.

CamBen Color Pack

Infinite ColorsEdit

As an incredibly powerful tool, the Infinite Colors mod enables you to pick all the existing colours from the hex colour pallete. Compared to the vanilla palletes you can find in the creature editor, this mod increases the range of these colours 22826(!) times. Probably even more important aspect of this mod is that it lets you select colours using the hex code, which is very helpful for saving the shades you like or might need for the future.

Infinite Colors mod recquires another mod - Spore ModAPI. Get both of these from the Spore Modder Blog.

Drone PartsEdit

Drone Parts by Deoxys_0 is significantly younger than any other parts mod, however is equally as good. It features 48 new creature parts, each having 3 variants for each paint type. These parts are particularly useful for creating custom models for weapons and creature outfits.

Drone Parts Mod v1.2


Space EngineEdit


Space Engine, often referred to simply as "SE", is a powerful simulation that lets you visit other planets, traverse planetary systems and view immense galaxies. SE features hundreds of real astronomical objects pictured by human devices, filling the empty spots with the procedurally generated celestial objects, no matter their type. It comes in handy primarily when you are in need of pictures of celestial objects and is commonly used with other programs to achieve impressive results.

Official Space Engine website


PaintNetcollabkitHeader is a simple image manipulation program, commonly used for making quick edits and minor changes to pictures. features many subtle, yet powerful tools, which are surprisingly easy to master. It is somewhat similar to the Microsoft Paint, however offers many more possibilities.

Official website



GIMP is probably the most popular image manipulation program among SporeWiki collaborators, being a free alternative to Adobe's or Corel's programs. Handful tools and equally many filters let you alter the image in many ways, should it be a minor change or major project. GIMP enables you to make many types of files for your fiction, like maps, portraits or abstract panoramas. GIMP is not as easy to use as, but provides endless possibilities.

Official GIMP website



An vector (.svg) editor, Inkscape used by creators to make flags, coats of arms, badges, and other pictures on the wiki. Vector art can be scaled in any way without loosing the detail or blurring the edges, thus being a program suitable for bigger, more complicated projects. It should be noted, that learning it is more difficult than GIMP or

Official Inkscape website

Universe Sandbox & Universe Sandbox ²Edit


Universe Sandbox and Universe Sandbox ² are in many ways similar to Space Engine. Mostly used as a tool to picture planetary systems, US & US2 let you play with physics on a cosmic scale, lets you understand how the mass, radius and density of the celestial objects work and provides immense tools to generate any system you could imagine.

Universe Sandbox on Steam

Universe Sandbox ² on Steam


ReShade is an advanced, fully generic post-processing injector for games and video software developed by crosire. Imagine your favorite game with ambient occlusion, real depth of field effects, color correction and more. ReShade exposes an automated and generic way to access both frame color and depth information (latter is automatically disabled during multiplayer to prevent exploitation) and all the tools to make it happen. ReShade website

ReShade is a very powrful tool for enhancing Spore graphics. Huge choice of settings enables you to customize graphics in many ways, substantially improving quality of your creations.


  • Download latest version of ReShade installer from the official website.

    You can tell apart SporeApp.exe by the colour of the icon. Select the orange one to install ReShade to GA.

  • Run the installer, select your installation folder of Spore (or Galactic Adventures if you have it installed). Search for Sporebin/SporeApp.exe.
  • Installer should now automatically select appropriate rendering API. If it does not, select DirectX 9 and continue.
  • Run installation.

First RunEdit

  • Run Spore (or GA).
  • The game will lag for a short period of time, when ReShade loads all toggleable modules.
  • In main menu, press Shift + F2, as stated in a small box appearing in top-left corner of the game screen. This will start a short tutorial.
  • Follow the instructions of the tutorial.


  • Go into creature editor and configure ReShade settings to your liking. Changes can be seen in real-time.
  • When you finish the configuration, in order to avoid loading stutter in the future, you can go to the Settings tab and change the mode in which ReShade is running. To access detailed configuration, use Configuration Mode. To make ReShade load only the selected modules, choose Performance Mode.
  • Have fun with better graphics!

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