A key area of the SporeWiki Fiction Universe is the ability to collaborate with other users to form intricate wars, plots and far-reaching events that affect entire galaxies. The first major collaborative fiction on the wiki was the Tigris War which started in 2009, which eventually helped lay the foundations of the War of Ages story-arc. Meanwhile, the foundations of the Galaxies at War story-arc began soon after with the Galactic War. In the years since, many more stories and wars began on the wiki, eventually becoming a key part of life in the Fiction Universe. Though collaborative fictions are constantly evolving, users both old and new are always welcome to browse through the fiction that the Fictionverse is built upon and decide for themselves if they would like to join or not.

Sagas Edit

Most (though not all) stories in the Fiction Universe are smaller acts of a larger play. Currently, these Sagas consist of the Galaxies at War, Xhodocto Saga, the Conflicts of Borealis and the Chronicles of Andromeda. These vast story-arcs collectively involve the majority of the Fiction Universe's community and have made the largest mark on the makeup of the Gigaquadrant.

Xhodocto SagaEdit

The first saga on the wiki, the Xhodocto Saga is one of the foundations on which the Fiction Universe was built. Beginning in the middle of 2009 by Xho and The Valader, the Xhodocto Saga has been ongoing in different forms since its beginning. Since the beginning, OluapPlayer and Technobliterator have since become key administrators of the fiction. The three arcs within the saga are as follows:

Galaxies at WarEdit

Galaxies at War is an epic saga that revolves around the happenings in one of the oldest areas of the Fiction Universe, the Cyrandia Cluster, involving devastating wars and intriguing story arcs located primarily in the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy. The two administrators of the saga is Dinoman82 and Cyrannian, though all users are welcome to join.

Perils of OttzelloEdit

Perils of Ottzello was one of the older sagas and revolved around the conflicts of the dystopian Ottzello Galaxy, involving massive wars and very complex storylines. This saga has ended, with the Conflicts of Borealis acting as its direct sequel. It was created by Technobliterator.

Conflicts of BorealisEdit

Conflicts of Borealis was a saga revolved around the conflicts of the Borealis Galaxy, complex plots and devastating wars which brough the galaxy, and sometimes even the entire Gigaquadrant, very close to the brink of extinction. It served as an direct sequel to the Perils of Ottzello. This saga has ended, being succeeded by the Ice Age. It was created by OluapPlayer and Technobliterator.

Chronicles of AndromedaEdit

For Imperios/Monet/Hachi

Chronicles of the DominatusEdit

Separate UniversesEdit

The LegacyEdit

The Legacy was started in 2010 by Wormulon. It is a group of stories detailing the distant future of the wiki, anywhere from a thousand years away, to several billion and even to the end of the universe itself. The main concept of this fiction is to create different branching futures, set by the actions of empires and characters in the current SporeWiki timeline.

Cyrannia's Legacy

Set in the Cyrandia Cluster in a universe where the sinister Xeranbha reign.

Realities AlteredEdit

Realities Altered takes place in other possible timelines. While The Legacy exists in possible timelines of the future, Realities Altered, takes place in alternate timelines decided in the past. To the inhabitants of these realities, they are as real to them as they are to the inhabitants of this version of events. And just like The Legacy, new timelines can be written over and over.

Mirror UniverseEdit

The Mirror Universe is a parallel universe that exists on a different dimensional plane than the Gigaquadrant. It is unknown if these two realities diverged at any particular point in history, but it is clear that they couldn't be more different, as each individual who can be classified as being "good" becomes "evil", and vice versa. Unlike the primary universe, which is home to countless separate sovereign civilisations, the Mirror Universe is dominated by a single Gigaquadrantic Hegemony.

Other StoriesEdit

Independent stories are often tied together though not on the scale of the larger sagas. However, they are often just as important.

Wars Edit

Stories Edit

These stories are often character-based.

Organizations Edit

Users are also encouraged to join one of the wikis many organisations that are made up of multiple different users and civilisations.


  • There have been many popular styles of collaberative fiction that define years on the wiki. For example, 2010 saw an influx of "Civil War"-style fictions while starting in 2012, character-central stories came to the forefront.

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