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This list of Civilisations And Statistics is an extension of "Gigaquadrantic Universal Order (2800)" designed to give reasonably reliable statistics on the various Gigaquadrantic powers and their comparative values in order as well as serve as a convenient location to list empire statistics for quick reference.

Every empire has its statistics divided into four categories: Domestic, economic, military and political information.

Understanding Parameters Edit

The values of some displayed values may not be immediately apparent. The purpuse of this section is to give explaination as to what the figures mean, which should prove useful when filling the table out.


  • Government type: The form of government used by the administration
  • Voting restrictions?: Should a government allow elections or collective vote of any kind, its possible that not every inhabitant posesses the right to vote. This section details who cannot vote in a particular empire.
  • Population: While listed in the billions at least, listings are as though the first nine 0s of a number are omitted due to typically large population numbers. E.g. Five trillion would be listed as 5,000 (000,000,000 - these are omitted).
  • Murder rate: How many citizens are killed per 100,000 people. This figure does not include deaths sanctioned by the government such as public execution or state-sponsored genocide.


  • Economy type: Details the type of economic system used and can be used to explain what kind of post-scarcity system is used.
  • Post-Scarcity?: A nation has reached the point where it holds such an expansive or highly automated industrial base that materials no longer require intrinsic value. Note that some things such as a particular location or theatre and concert tickets will always have rarity, and as such "Post scarcity" primarily refers to the negated rarity of produced or gathered materials.
  • Industry: Outlines the distribution of the employed workforce in the form of primary, secondary and tertiary industry. Theoretically as a society advances, the number of peopel employed in its primary sector will shrink until almost nothing, followed more gradually by secondary sectors due to the introduction of more automated machinery and processes.
    • Primary indsutry involves resource gathering activities such as farming, logging, mining and fishing.
    • Secondary industry invovles refining materials gathered by primary industry. Activities in this sector include refining, manufacturing and construction.
    • Tertiary industry relates to the provision of goods and services, and includes activities such as shop ownership, banking, public services and scientific research.
  • Minimum and Average wage: As nations develop more organised industries, it becomes common to introduce a legal minimum amount for an individual to be paid for time working. Due to the countless currencies across the gigaquadrant and the equally broad differewnces in the value between each one, the values of these ccategories are in a nation's stated currency.
  • Most Common Trade Language(s): While universal translators render moot the need for interpreters, this category defines the languages most-used by the nation for international communication. Determining which languages fall int othis catergory relate's to a nation's closest trading partners and the languages they speak. Superpowers and nations with extensive trade networks can more easily get away with spreading their own language for exhange purposes.


  • The number of personnel drawn from a nation's domestic population (statistics do not include battle droids or built-for-battle androids)
    • Active: Full-time soldiers by the state.
    • Reserve: Registered as soldiers, but maintain civilian lifestyle in peacetime. In the event of full-scale war, these people will be expected to take up arms.
  • Civilian equipment access: Some nations may consider it legal to sell weapons, gear and military protection to non-military individuals such as PMCs or homeowners. But not everything used by a nation's military might be for sale.
  • International deployment: How much of a nation's active armed forces are deployed beyond its borders.
  • Military partnerships: Nations listed in this category have agreed with the nation listed for military personnel to train, patrol or perform joint military operations in each others' territorial space.


  • Governor selection: Details how a nation's administrators are selected. This category applies to all levels from planetary governors to the nation's house of government.
  • International Policy: Describes how open a naion is to foreign negotiators and international agreements.
  • Border access: What is required of foreign visitors in order to enter the nation (if at all).
  • Tourism attitude: Being from outside the nation, visting tourists may not be fully aware of nation's culture or values. Some nations may be more lenient to tourists acting offensive so as to encourage more to visit and boost their economy.
  • Diplomatic immunity: Does the nation respect the right for foreign dignitaries to be protected from punishment or persecution within their space?

PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of consise information, users are encouraged to provide as much information as they can. If a cell does not apply to a certain faction, please insert either "N/A" "unapliccable" or a possible reason why. do NOT leave the cell blank, thank you.

Preferebly, information labelled "classified" is to be kept to a minimum. This page serves as a reference between fictions in the first gigaquadrant and identifying a value as "classified" can be a detriment to the reliability of information.

Domestic Edit

Emblam/flag Nation name Date formed Government type Voting restrictions? Official
Systems claimed Population
Literacy Rate
Murder rate
(per 100K)
Capital punishment?
Cognatusi Flag Cognatus Empire 01 NE Theocracy N/A Holy Tongue 4,905,000 9,500,000 79% 10.9 Yes (common)
Divinarium Sigil The Divinarium circa 110,000 BC Theocratic meritocratic semi-constutional monarchy; caste society Must be an adult
Must be Masaari
None officially; Radessic de facto 314,121 2,900 100% (by the use of auto-education chips) 1 Yes (sedition and heresy)
DIFlag New Draconid Imperium 249,612 B.C. Constitutional monarchy second-class cannot vote
must be an adult
Low Dracid 3,436,000 8,200,000 98.4 7.2 Yes (treason)
Dominionseal Dominion of the Xhodocto 2792 AD Theocracy None Acheron 70,000,000+ Theoretically transfinite Unknown Unknown Yes
Farengeto Flag 3D Farengeto Republic 2783 AD Federal Presidental Republic Age of majority
Varies by race
Farengeto 7,800 8,100 99.6% 0.2 No
Flag of France France 2089 AD Federal Semi-presidential Republic 18+ (national human age)
varies by race and enclave
French 1,639,129 99.9% 0.9 Outlawed nationally
varies by enclave
ImperialEmblem Galactic Empire of Cyrannus 01 NE Constitutional Monarchy de-jure Adult age range of species, varies among species; former prisoners cannot vote Cyrannian Basic Classified 60,000,000℮ 99.7% 0.8 Yes (treason)
Flag of Hal'Sk Greater Hal'Sk Empire 2156 AD Constitutional Monarchy Adult age range of species, varies among species Imperial Basic 30,000 99.5% 1.0 Yes. (Treason, espionage during wartime, capital murder, first-degree murder depending on circumstances, etc.)
Lacrimosae tribe emblem !Heer Stekeevel Confederation 2800 AD Imperial dictatorship N/A Heer Stekeveel 3% 103 Yes
DracFlag Indoctrinate Collective 2780 AD Absolute monarchy Adult age range of species, varies among species Common Drakian 787,630 99.9% 0.2 Yes
HumanRepublicSymbol Allied Terran Republic 2754 Federal e-democratic republic Adult age range of species, varies among species No official language. Unknown 3,500,000 99.8% 0.5 No
Junction Flag The Junction Unknown Hive mind N/A N/A Unknown Unknown 100% 0 No
KicathianRemnantEmblem Kicathian Republic 2789 Representative Direct Democracy Must be adult (age 20 irrespective of race) None; Kicathian de facto 211,550 1,568 99.9% 2.2 Yes
Naakjilogo Naakjian Confederation 2623 AD Represenative Direct Democracy After finishing the compulsory school attendance Aaillian 3,515 287 100% 0.04 Yes, through voting
NewRepublic New Cyrannian Republic 03 NE Unicameral Federal Presidential republic Adult age range of species, varies among species Cyrannian Basic (de facto) Classified 7,000,000 99.8% 0.3 No
Flag Rambo Nation Rambo Nation 450 BQF Constitutional monarchy Adult age range of species, varies among species Old Serindia
Rambo Basic
Quadrantia Basic (de facto)
classified 250 billion + 98.2% 0.6 Yes
Military desertion
Salsetthe Flag Salsetthe Republic circa 1300 AD Isocracy N/A Excaretran Standard 12,471 32 100% 0 N/A
Troodontid Empire2 Troodontid Empire 35 BNE Presidential Republic with technocratic tendency All Troodontid citizens that finished education Troodontid language 21 inhabited, about 2500 claimed/automated 2.12 100% 0.001 Yes, but rare
TIAF Flag Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation 2394 AD Federal democratic republic Adult age range of species; can vary between species Tybusenic ~1,000,000 (~250,000 occupied) 910,000 99.7% 0.36 Yes (treason and war crimes); can vary between states (all other crimes)
Flag of Ultimate Sovereignty of Otzello 2 Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello 2795 Group mind (almost hive) N/A Ottzelloan common Unknown Unknown 100% (illiterate are killed) 650 Yes (very common)
Drodo Empire Flag Drodo Empire 2556 Parliamentary Democracy Must be adult age Aratacian, Dorian, and Inquinian 45 000 Systems total 250 000 89% 9.5 Yes.
Ugandal Flag Ugandalorian Crusaders Don't know yet. Monarchy of sorts Majority most approve of the new Clan ruler. Ugand'oa 2,500,000 3,000,000 99.2% 8.0% No
Union of Mecholife Union of Mecholife 2789 Group Mind & Gearworks Assembly (congress) None - Group Mind Votes None - Group Mind Translator 150,000 or so Unrecorded Unrecorded .01 No
Medwedian National Flag The Medwedian Democratic Federation 1769 AA Conservative fake democracy; President (Dictator) Only male citizens above 24 Medwedian 150 10 99% 0.15242 Yes, very common
United Persan Descendants Flag United Persan Descendants 0 NPE Democratic Stratocracy All in military service or honorably discharged Avine Classified 7,000,000 99.7℅ 0.9 Yes(only under extreme circumstances).
Plazith League Plazith League 2800 Democratic Oligarchy Only adults Racharan 223,787 10,000 99.9% 12.1% Yes (Treason)
30px Draekar Remnant Circa 150,000 BC Constitutional Monarchy N/A Low Drakour 1,670,500 23,100 99.9% 0.9 Yes (Common)
UnifiedOrder United Order of Tophos and its Sublime Territories 59 BNE Unitary representative semi-theocratic meritocracy Must be an adult (17 Cyrannian years of age)
Must be of the two majority religions
Cannot be an untouchable or infidel
Élin and Ethraidan (de jure) ~4,830 2,100 96.91% 17.1 Yes (common for heresy, treason, rape and murder of children, espionage)
Talven Empire Flag Talven Empire 2528 AD Meritocracy N/A New Talva ~6,440 3,042 99.4% 0.6 No
Mithadorn Flag Mithadorn Republic 8400 BC (approx) Democratic Republic Must be a Mithadorn Mitharae ~3500 15500 97.6% 0.2 No

Economy Edit

Emblam/flag Offical currency Economy type Post-scarcity? Key exports Industry
(% pri./sec./tert.)
Slavery status Minimum wage
(state currency/hour)
Average wage
(state currency/year)
Unemployment (%) Most common trade language(s) Top three contacts
Cognatusi Flag None Unknown Yes None 15/29/56 Fully supported N/A N/A 0% Cyrannian Basic
Rambo Basic
Flag Rambo Nation
Divinarium Sigil None Socialism Yes Electronics
1 / 39 / 60 Outlawed Inapplicable Inapplicable 0 (socialism) Radessic, Khastai, Dran'va AGC Flag Polar Insignia
Dominionseal None Unknown Yes None 33.3/33.3/33.3 Outlawed Inapplicable Inapplicable 0 None None
DIFlag New Mimidian Credit Corporatist Yes Music
Luxury starships
3 / 15 / 82 regulated, sapient rights considered 200 520,000 9 Low Dracid, Dran'va AGC Flag HumanRepublicSymbol Flag Rambo Nation
Farengeto Flag 3D Farengeto Credit
Liberal Mixed Yes Computing 1.1 / 2.8 / 96.1 Outlawed 10.7 Farengeto, Modian, Drodoian, French Drodo Empire Flag Flag of France DIFlag New
Flag of France gilo
Socialist Command Yes Culture
Military hardware
0.01 / 0.09 / 99.9 Outlawed
varies by enclave
N/A N/A 98.9 French, English, Mandarin, Low Dracid, Drodoian Orion League NZTO DIFlag New
ImperialEmblem Cyrannian Cubit State-supervised post-capitalist libertarianism Yes Culture
0.2/0.3/99.5 Outlawed
de jure
N/A N/A 0.1 Cyrannian Basic, Rambo Basic Flag Rambo Nation
DCP flag 2
Flag of Hal'Sk Hal'Sk Imperial Credit Socialist Mixed Market No Military Hardware
Raw Materials
3 / 10 / 87 Outlawed 7.6 Imperial Basic, French, English Flag of France NZTO
DracFlag Collective Credit Yes Technology Outlawed 3 Common Drakian Polar Insignia AGC Flag NewRepublic
Lacrimosae tribe emblem DCD Socialist market No Raw Materials
73 / 10 /17 Legally supported 5% French, Drodoian, Low Dracid Flag of France NZTO DIFlag New
HumanRepublicSymbol Credit Free market Yes Culture
0.1/0.1/99.8 Outlawed N/A N/A 0.1 Human Basic, Cyrannian Basic, Rambo Basic NewRepublic
DIFlag New
DCP flag 2
Junction Flag None No concept of economy Yes None Fully supported 0 None
KicathianRemnantEmblem None, various unofficial Socialist market Yes Healthcare
0.4 / 0.6 / 90 Outlawed Inapplicable Inapplicable 0 Various Polar Insignia DracFlag AGC Flag
Naakjilogo Aaillian Exchange Credit Collectivist anarchism Yes Alloys
Military explosives
High-end ship components
Classified Outlawed N/A N/A 0 Aaillian, Low Dracid, French CivembemCometFlagV2 Flag of France
NewRepublic Cyrannian Cubit Post-capitalist libertarianism Yes Culture
0.01/0.03/99.96 Outlawed N/A N/A 0.2 Cyrannian Basic, Rambo Basic Flag Rambo Nation
Flag Rambo Nation Ramboidae Coin Free Market Yes Art
Technology (limited)
Classified Outlawed N/A N/A 0.6% Rambo Basic
Quadrantia Basic
Cyrannian Basic
DIFlag New
Salsetthe Flag None Mutualist Yes None N/A Outlawed N/A N/A 0% N/A N/A
TIAF Flag Bunsen Kouyenze Capitalist Mixed Market Yes Starships
7.9 / 31.4 / 60.7 Outlawed 119 454,690 3.1% English, Tybusenic, Low Dracid, French, Cyrannian Basic DIFlag New Flag of France BGR Flag
Troodontid Empire2 None Socialist market Yes Spaceships
Artificial Food
0 / 0 / 100 Outlawed N/A N/A 87 Cyrannian Basic, Low Dracid in Andromeda United Federation of Species
Flag of Ultimate Sovereignty of Otzello 2 N/A ??? Yes Refuses to export Enforced No wages No wages 0 N/A None
Drodo Empire Flag Drodoian Credit Free Market No Art, Military Hardware, Grains and agricultural products 25/40/35 Outlawed 9.5 Arcadian (Drodoian), French, English Flag of France Farengeto Flag 3D United Federation of Species
Ugandal Flag Ugandal Credit Unknown Yes, to an extent 57% 34 / 54 / 32 Banned 120 300,000 .1% Ugand'oa WaptoriaFlag
Volver Flag
Vanara Empire Flag
Union of Mecholife Union Credits
Free Market No Souvenirs
Rare Minerals
47/32/21 Outlawed N/A N/A 2% Andromeda Draconid N/A
Medwedian National Flag Medwedian Dollar Mixed, conservative, tightly controlled No Weapons, Meat, various Supplies 42/34/24 Legal; Slaves can only be non-Ursoids or Prisoners No minimum wage 42.000 0.5% Medwedian None as of now
United Persan Descendants Flag Melange Socialism To an extent Spices, Weapons, Fuel, Medicine 7/13/80 Banned 480 5,100,000 .1% Avine, Ugand'oa WaptoriaFlag
Volver Flag
Ugandal Flag
Plazith League Tehi Capitalist To an extent Spices, Military Hardware, Sakrousium, Starships 42/37/38 regulated, sapient rights considered 200 520,000 .02% Racharan, Drovarian, Theikrusian Common Flag of France
Eldarisian Flag
MilkyWay Colony Flag
UnifiedOrder None Social capitalism Yes Electronics
0.01 / 0.3 / 99.69 Illegal but not criminalized Inapplicable Inapplicable 0 Élin, Ethraidan, Cyrannian Basic CMCSymbol ImperialEmblem NewRepublic
Talven Empire Flag TOD No Technology
Raw materials
1.2 / 13 / 85.8 Outlawed 25 60,000 0.02 New Talva, Cyrannian, French NewRepublic Slukatian Empire Flag of France
Mithadorn Flag Mithadorn Credit Free Market No Andaesium, Kiridium Unknown Outlawed 70 Credits 520,000 3% Mitharae N/A

Military Edit

Emblam/flag Chief of staff Active personnel
(est millions)
Reserve personnel
(est millions)
Recruitment method Civilian equipment access international deployment
Military partnerships
Cognatusi Flag 25px]] Unknown Entire population Conscription, enslavement Standard equipment 39 Flag Rambo Nation
Divinarium Sigil War Predictor Jahric Telnhao 30,000 400,000 Militant and Veracitor Overcastes limited hard light combat constructs 21 AGC Flag BoW Flag DIFlag New DracFlag Polar Insignia
Dominionseal Chaos Lord Anzilanarus Theoretically transfinite Theoretically transfinite Unknown Unknown Inapplicable None
DIFlag New Larnus Vontarion 45,000,000 780,000,000 Volunteers, conscription limited small-arms, limited body armour 38 AGC Flag BoW Flag HumanRepublicSymbol Divinarium Sigil DracFlag Salsetthe Flag Flag of France Flag Rambo Nation TIAF Flag
Farengeto Flag 3D Grand Admiral Halkon Lagenta 8,200 16,100 Volunteers Full civilian weapons ban
Restrictions on all non-military
8 Katar Sector Alliance Flag NZTO Flag of France Drodo Empire Flag BetterMiperianFlag The Scientific Combine of Nakeimato
Flag of France Marshalship of France Volunteers, foreign legion Varies by region
National ban on firearms, even for most law enforcement
24 Orion League AGC Flag AEAFlag NZTO DIFlag New
ImperialEmblem Imperial Command Classified Classified Volunteers, Cloning Varies by Province/Sector/World 47 Flag Rambo Nation DCP flag 2 ULEFlag
Lacrimosae tribe emblem Polonius Mentac Conscription Minorities forbidden to bear arms 0 NZTO
DracFlag Jerkon Volunteers limited small-arms, limited body armour 34 DCP flag 2 AGC Flag Polar Insignia NewRepublic KicathianRemnantEmblem
HumanRepublicSymbol Council of Admirals Classified Classified Volunteers Full civilian weapons ban
Restrictions on all non-military
20 DIFlag New DCP flag 2 AGC Flag NewRepublic Flag Rambo Nation
Junction Flag Silver Death Entirely of population is military by default Standard equipment 0 XeranbhaBig DCP flag 2
KicathianRemnantEmblem Kithworto Aknatazán
Kitzíntauchon Rāmalánaon
329 Unknown Volunteers Full restriction to non-Kicathian civilians 0.4 AGC Flag DIFlag New DracFlag Polar Insignia
Naakjilogo Classified Classified Entire population Volunteering or coscription, varies by culture and location Full access to paramilitary-grade equipment <2 Classified
NewRepublic Willelmus Cretacea Classified Classified Volunteers Full civilian weapons ban
Restrictions on all non-military
17 Flag Rambo Nation DCP flag 2 Troodontid Empire2
Flag Rambo Nation Marscalcus Kya Classified Classified Cloning
Limited small-arms and swords
Limited body armour
Restrictions on all non-military
Classified DCP flag 2 DIFlag New Flag of France ImperialEmblem NewRepublic TIAF Flag
Salsetthe Flag Sa'oril 10 10 Volunteers N/A 95 N/A
Troodontid Empire2 Supreme Commander Thor 7,000 battle androids 13,000 deactivated battle androids None, reliance on battle androids Ban on weapons for civilians, blaster weapons for military officers 40 NewRepublic ImperialEmblem United Federation of Species WaptoriaFlag CAS Flag
TIAF Flag Commander James Lorrelas 40,000 404,000 Volunteers, conscription Ban on assault and military-grade weapons; small/recreational firearms closely regulated 27 AGC Flag DIFlag New NewRepublic Flag of France DracFlag AWA Flag GSC Flag BGR Flag
Flag of Ultimate Sovereignty of Otzello 2 Xaltsa Full population N/A Enforced (those incapable/refusing die) N/A (has no civillians) 0 None
Drodo Empire Flag Imperial High Command (numerous High Admirals and Generals) 100 000 500 000 Voluntary enlistment, Conscription, Retinues of nobility, Hiring of mercenaries No effective regulations. 40 Katar Sector Alliance Flag Farengeto 3D Flag
Ugandal Flag Barda Clett 90,000 2,999,999 Volunteers. Anything they own. 19 WaptoriaFlag
Volver Flag
Vanara Empire Flag
Union of Mecholife Supreme Captain Commander Around 3,000 All Mecholife Volunteer, Paid All Military Weapons <1 None
Medwedian National Flag Ottomar Albrecht Hønvigg-Grenså 15 Entire male population (18-70) Mixed; Conscription for 4 years for males at 18; 42% of the armed forces are professional soldiers Only for males older than 30, outside of municipal areas 5 None as of yet
United Persan Descendants Flag Prime Scelus Terra 240,000 All of age citizens All of age citizens are required to serve in the military for a time. All weapons made available to citizens, restrictions imposed in public locations. 19 WaptoriaFlag
Volver Flag
Ugandal Flag
Plazith League War Minister Jeam'Kikea'Eachi 3,150,500 All of age citizens All citizens must serve in the military for at least 10 years in their life. All weapons, aside from Special Forces exclusive weapons, are available, but criminals are not allowed to have a weapon. 43 Xonexi Allies
UnifiedOrder Archon Apuhána Tititaru ~724,500 ~1,207,500 Mandatory service for at leats 10 Cyrannian years starting at ages 17 - 26; volunteers No weapons except for hand-held melee weapons to be sold or purchased without government sanction 21% CMCSymbol NewRepublic
Talven Empire Flag Drusa Lucilius ~27 trillion Entire population Volunteers, conscription Licensed access to paramilitary-grade equipment 25 Classified
Mithadorn Flag Multiple ten-hundred thousand (War Clan's excluded) five-hundred thousand Volunteers Civilian weapons ban 5% Classified

Politics Edit

Emblem/flag Head of State Governor selection International policy Border access Tourism attitude Diplomatic immunity Closest allies
Cognatusi Flag The Primercer N/A Generally hostile Forbidden Forbidden Disregarded BisistarSymbol
Divinarium Sigil Iovera IX Eolania Menoraim Majority vote (Autarch)
Appointment (Chaplain Governor)
Partial isolation visas required (unless Imperial or Brood) treated as citizens (and watched accordingly); access to certain areas denied respected BoW Flag DIFlag New
DIFlag New Paragon Uriel Ultanos majority voted noble house
internal meritocracy
Open exchange visas required treated as citizens respected BoW Flag Divinarium Sigil TIAF Flag KicathianRemnantEmblem Flag Rambo Nation
Dominionseal The Xhodocto None; rule is absolute Openly hostile Forbidden Forbidden Disregarded None
Farengeto Flag 3D Chancellor Eruran Tekar Democratic election
2 Farengeto year terms
Open exchange visas required open acceptance respected Drodo Empire Flag Flag of France Katar Sector Alliance Flag NZTO
Flag of France President Laurene Maxime
Prime Minister Alexandre Valéry
Two-round system, open election Open exchange visas required open acceptance respected TIAF Flag DIFlag New Orion League NZTO Flag of Hal&#039;Sk
ImperialEmblem Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon Senate: Democratically elected
Mandators: Appointment
Emperor: N/A
Imperialist Restricted without visas Respected; Varies on world Disregarded (de facto) Respected (de jure) Flag Rambo Nation DCP flag 2
Lacrimosae tribe emblem Druscus Caecina Appointment Open exchange Permission required Restricted access respected with exceptions Drodo Empire Flag Flag of France NZTO
DracFlag Queen Maryah Oldest child becomes ruler Open exchange Visas required Treated as citizens Respected DCP flag 2 BoW Flag Polar Insignia NewRepublic KicathianRemnantEmblem
HumanRepublicSymbol Council Electronically elected Open exchange Visas required Treated as citizens Respected DCP flag 2 Flag Rambo Nation NewRepublic DIFlag New
Junction Flag Junction Mind Automatic Seclusive Forbidden Forbidden Disregarded XeranbhaBig
KicathianRemnantEmblem Kitmadzäron Vórnurään Open democratic election Partially open Entire identification profile required treated as citizens Generally disregarded DIFlag New DracFlag Polar Insignia AGC Flag
Naakjilogo The Council Democratic election Partially open Restricted to freighters with permits Forbidden Respected with execptions DCP flag 2 Civembem ImperialFlag
NewRepublic President Apaltar Democratic, open elections Open exchange Visas required (Open borders with Rambo Nation) Treated as citizens Respected Flag Rambo Nation DCP flag 2 DracFlag HumanRepublicSymbol Algolurn Popular Republic
Flag Rambo Nation Empress Ramashe R'margina Le Rambo Monarchy: Family heritage
High Council: Appointed by the Monarchy
Senate:Democratically elected
Local Authorities: Elected or internal meritocracy
Open exchange Visas required (Open borders with New Cyrannian Republic and Galactic Empire of Cyrannus)
Freighters subjected to border inspections
Treated as citizens (and watched accordingly)
Access to certain areas denied
Respected ImperialEmblem NewRepublic DCP flag 2 DIFlag New TIAF Flag
Salsetthe Flag N/A N/A Isolationist Forbidden Forbidden Respected N/A
Troodontid Empire2 President Draicon Lifetime election, can be put down by folk through voting Open exchange Permission required Permission required Respected with execptions United Federation of Species WaptoriaFlag NewRepublic CAS Flag
TIAF Flag Prime Minister Mizuko Khalosi Grand Assembly & PM: Open democratic election
Below federal level: Varies by state
Open exchange Visas required; open borders with members of Allied Bunsen Galaxy Open acceptance, treated as citizens Respected DIFlag New Flag of France NewRepublic BGR Flag AGC Flag
Flag of Ultimate Sovereignty of Otzello 2 Omega Commander AI enforced Open hostility Forbidden Forbidden Disregarded None
Drodo Empire Flag Premier Cesterity Isordon Democratic Election, seven year terms Open exchange with some imperialist tendencies Visas required, open borders with Katarian states and France Treated as citizens Respected Katar Sector Alliance Flag Farengeto Flag 3D United Federation of Species Flag of France
Ugandal Flag Lord Ugandalore Barda Clett Lords of various Clans
Democratic system, to some extent.
Open exchange Open, to an extent. treated as citizens. respected WaptoriaFlagVolver FlagVanara Empire Flag
Union of Mecholife The Gearworks Assembly
Mechi Overmind
Elections every 5 years, majority vote Hesitant but friendly beyond borders.
Extremely Aggressive within borders.
Closed,for your security. At your own risk... Respected, but visit At your own risk... DraconisFlag2
Medwedian National Flag Sir-Marshal-President Theodor Lynden Frankenstein "Elections" - Election committee is puppet of the Gammel Folksparti Isolative, hostile to most species except for Bears and their relatives or bearlike humanoids, hostile to any liberal nations Visa required for all non-Ursoids; restricted access only Tourism is very rare. "Respected" None as of now
United Persan Descendants Flag Empress Zuki Voted for or inherit position in the senate Neutral or isolationist to all except allies. Permission Required. Restricted. Respected to an extent. WaptoriaFlagVolver FlagUgandal Flag
Plazith League Grand Council Majority vote by Grand Council Open Exchange visas required treated as citizens (and watched accordingly); access to certain areas denied respected Xonexi Allies
UnifiedOrder Council of Meritocrats Rigorous testing and consent for previous Meritocrat (Meritocrats) Partial isolation Visas required Treated as foreigners (and watched extensively); access to non-designated areas illegal Respected with exceptions CMCSymbol
Talven Empire Flag High Councilor Balbus Marinus Majority vote by the Imperial Council Open exchange Visas required, restricted to Votum Treated as citizens Respected ImperialEmblem NewRepublic ZP Symbol
Mithadorn Flag Grand Chancellor Ukae'navo Majority vote by Senate Open Communication Open boarders to nations outlawing slavery Treated as citizens Respected - Unless nation legalizes slavery Not Given