The Good Starter Example, or GSE, are a race of quadrupedal herbivores native to the Good Starter Empire. They are a kind and peaceful people that are not afraid to use force when necessary. While not the most powerful empire in the galaxy, the GSE are nonetheless very powerful and often use weapons such as Anti-Matter Bombs and Planet Busters against their enemies.


The history of the GSE is diverse, they are native to the planet of Examplans a temperate world near the largest galactic arm. In Civilization Stage, the GSE grew and conquered many innocent civilizations using force, however, they have since seen the error of their ways and promised never to harm an innocent being again. When they entered Space Stage, a massive war erupted between the Good Starter Example and the Primitive idiots of the Bad Starter Empire. The Bad Starter Empire used their bad grammar and so called 'powa' to great effect against the intelligent forces of the Good Starter Examples, luckily the wise people of the Good Starter Example were victorious and became a respected member in the intergalactic community.

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Quotes from othersEdit

Now here's a good starting fiction.

- Technobliterator


This section evaluates this fiction, it isn't used in all fictions but this is to show an example

Well, read it so far. They've started off a layout, got some nice detail, and... the page is just nice to read. There aren't many better ways to start off a fiction empire, really. So they're kind, intelligence creatures who aren't too powerful. Fair enough that's a good way to start.

The grammar here is superb and the structure is great. They haven't just gone for gods or energies or anything to make it a copy. At this point, I want to see more of the GSE.

How to improve from here

So say I'm a new user and I made the GSE. What would I do to improve?

  1. Ask around- Of course, I'll ask others what I can do, which is likely the easiest way.
  2. Expansion- Get a good page layout (steal a faction layout from another wiki, or another page on this wiki that you like). With a layout, you know what to add, how & where to add it and can easily add to this layout. Good layouts are just as important in fiction pages as in articles, and aren't too straightforward.
  3. Getting involved- Request an alliance/war with another fiction, message the SSA or send a message to the Universal Discussion Board. These are just some ways to get your empire known and fully interacting.
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