The Noob Empire is the best empire in the entire universe!! They are gonna kill everyone with their biggest fleet ever, with bazillions of bazillions of ships the size of the universe and Superweapons that have killed billions of empires!! They have only destroyed a few GROX. But they willz destroy them wit their mighty ships, Then their immortal soldiers will finish the rest.


first they evolved into the cell stage, then the creature stage, then the empire stage, then the space stage. then they became gods, then they killed everyone.


They are totally Tier 0, and are allied with teh Xhodocto*, and are huge immortal and omnipotent gods which can kill SPODE! Some tink they are da False God That Will Come. They have all the energies.

They creturs themselfs is absolute BADMANS, more badman than the LORON! They listen to EMINEM ALL DAY LONG and listening to eminem gives them STRENGTH THEY NEED to defeat the weak GOOD STARTED EXAMPLE!!!! And even bigger than that!

They hav pwned the GOOD STARTED EXAMPE EMPIRE and are on dere way to pwning the URC, DCP AN EVERYONE ELSE!


Basically, BWAHAHAHAHAHA THESE THNINGS WILL PWN 4LL!!!!!!! They don't like your species, and will KILL EM, wth their ULTRA PWNERATOR RAY, which can destroy 5 universes in ONE SHOT MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

quotes from other usas

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quotes from them

how do u do teh quote thing



  • the noob empire was an idea i had when i was sleeping. it was based on a drawing i made at 6 years old
  • also u suck
This section evaluates this fiction, it isn't used in all fictions but this is to show an example

Let's face it, this fiction is notably underperformed. It's as if the user didn't even try and write a fiction, just tried to make them well noticed and show off their power. Their power is absolute nonsense too. Listening to Eminem to give them 'strength'? Immortal soldiers & mighty ships which look like they were spent 2 minutes on creating? Huge immortal omnipotent gods that can kill Spode? 'Badman' personality? Totally tier 0? Let's face it; it's utterly ludicrous.

And since when did Xho agree that they are allied with the Xhodocto? Not just that; the layout is awful and doesn't use proper sections. Plus, the grammar is at it's best poor. this fiction is not only full of itself but looks like the user didn't even try.

If this fiction isn't improved soon, we'll ban it from the fiction universe.

What is usually not acceptable

It is not uncommon for new fictions in the universe to go down the wrong way, these are things that usually get criticized.

  1. Instantly Omnipotent empires, races that are billions of years old, or even older than the universe and mega-sized empires/populations - SporeWiki Fiction Universe already has a few of these, such as the "First Ones" and "Tier 0 civilizations", but doesn't really need any more. A million years old or so should be the upper limit for most, unless the fiction has a very important purpose. Also any civilizations outside the universe are ageless, not due to a lack of time, but because their time is not running with the universe, which defeats the purpose of them being "100 billion years old". As for unnecessarily huge empires, remember that an empire doesn't need that many to be efficient, too many would be hard to control. Only Tier 1 empires or higher may have more than a million systems or so (and even the DCP, for instance, most are AI controlled). Populations of trillions and trillions is often silly too, for many reasons. Otherwise, your species must breed like rabbits!
  2. Empires which have uberpowerful ships and superweapons - Most superweapons don't need to be any more powerful than cracking open a planet's crust (such a weapon could easily cause an end of the world scenario), although more powerful technology such as "star killers" and planet busters need to be explained well enough to be plausible (example:Q-ball forge) and only used rarely. Over-using such devices makes them boring and belittles other users fiction.
  3. Megastructures as big as small planets - Again, there are some fantastic megastructures on the wiki, such as the Globus Cassus worlds of the DCP, however, over-use of such structures becomes annoying, one reason why Station Halcyon is only over 20 miles long (as well as ruining the effect for other megastructures). Also, at a certain size limit, there would be so much mass the structure would collapse into a black hole. And you don't want that to happen. Make sure your megastructure (if your civilization can even build one, at least Tier 2 if its as big as a worldlet) is inventive. Finally, they are not built overnight.
  4. Nonsense power- It is a real annoyance when empires of SporeWiki have nonsense reasons for power, or their power is complete nonsense. Unless your empire is meant to be (see here), it's annoying for users when the empire can lift up to 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 tons and jump into space with no reason why. It's similarly annoying if they can eat chocolate bars which makes them capable of crushing all foes easily.
  5. Trends - Some popular fiction can gets copied over and over, which is annoying to some users. This includes super technologies, aliens falling in love, super-human strength, dark beings, energies and gods (which we have far too many on the wiki to deal with already). Be very careful on this one, even experienced users can fall into the pit of trends.
  6. Wars
    1. Simple good vs. evil - It is really not that simple. Wars based on ideologies are getting more favoured on the wiki now (such as the Intergalactic War, as well as the non-allied side winning.
    2. Pointless wars- So say if your evil empire, the Darkstars, have just arrived. They may be conquerors and all, but it's both annoying and unrealistic to declare war over practically nothing. Unless your empire is purposely stupid & arrogant (like the famously idiotic Loron) there's no reason why they would declare war at all.
  7. Belittling fiction - This occurs when a user misinterprets the abilities of another fiction and makes their fiction better all the time without good explanation. This really gets on everyone's nerves, and would even to the user causing in the first place if it happened to them.
  8. Unofficial or unauthorized use - Sometimes new users say that their empire is an ally or an enemy of empires such as the Rambo Nation without asking permission from the creator, or use their fiction, creations or media without their prior consent. Do not do this.
  9. Entering ended fiction - An easy mistake for new users in the fiction universe. Look out for this template on finished collaborative fiction. It is also important to ask permission from the creator before entering collaborative fiction, and to tell the user your plans, to make sure your ideas can work in it.
  10. Fiction in the main (article) namespace - Fiction and speculation does not belong in the main namespace. You got that?
  11. Poor grammar/spelling- Pages for your empire with poor grammar, poor layouts and unclear.

How to improve them

Fiction that ignores these rules repeatedly are flamed off the fiction universe and trolled to the fires of Inferno Realm. They are quite simple rules that are easy to stick to. Of course mistakes could happen, but as long as they are fixed or discussed how to be improved with other users will fix these problems.

  1. Either discuss with other users, make them unique or use as a side story or don't use them at all. For empires that are jumping tiers make the transition slow and read all of the Tier instruction manual.
  2. Use them sparingly, or don't at all and find more interesting ways to battle.
  3. Again, like above.
  4. Replace nonsense reasons for power with good ones. Perhaps the creatures are radioactive? Perhaps their muscles have grown over millennia of conflict? Get realistic reasons, and more importantly, unique reasons.
  5. Don't copy what other users are doing, introduce something new and inventive that isn't silly. Basically, think about your fiction first or discuss ways of making it better. This is actually quite fun, and bringing in unique fiction to the wiki can get popular very quickly.
  6. War rules
    1. Make the war's story more complex, or build up to it (such as making characters that get tied with other fiction). Perhaps use other forms of warfare to make it more interesting.
    2. Don't declare pointless wars on other races, and you'll be fine. Declare wars on empires with really high tensions, or find a good trigger for the war besides 'The Badass Imperium insulted the Republic of Love!'
  7. Just be fair to other fiction.
  8. Most users will let you use their stuff most of the time. Just ask first, it is polite.
  9. Ask the creator of the fiction before entering, or look out for the Oldfic template.
  10. This is perhaps the easiest rule. If you can't keep up with this this, you are either a spammer or an idiot. If it continues, you will be blocked. If you see fiction in the main articles, get rid of it.
  11. Take more time writing the page, and don't slack off writing lyk dis cos vats stupid u kno. Look at other pages, perhaps, see how hey make headers, links and all the rest. However, if the grammar issue is using capitals where unneeded, not using apostrophes where needed etc, simply ask other users to fix it, and follow their example. either that, or look online for guides to english.