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SporeWiki Fiction Guidelines are a series of guidelines that members of the SporeWiki Fiction Universe and its various subsidiaries such as the Fantasy Universe are expected to take into consideration when making their own fiction. The freedom to write fiction the way you choose is affected only marginally by these guidelines which are in place to ensure the mutual enjoyment of all members of the Fiction Universe. If you have read all the guidelines and have created your fiction accordingly, and haven't ended up with something like this, you are an official part of theFiction Universe. If you wish, you can place this userbox on your page: {{User fiction universe}}.

Getting Started[]


Welcome to the SporeWiki Fiction Universe! Joining the Universe is simple to do, so long as you remember to follow the guidelines below, which are essential to the running of the Fiction Universe and its various tributaries. Usually, once you send a transmission to a contributor to the Fiction Universe (usually on the talkpage of a particular fiction) and have obeyed the guidelines, you are automatically made a member. You may also wish to join a Collaborative Fiction, though you generally need to ask the fiction's administrator before you join.


Before starting your fiction, you need to ensure that it's in the correct "namespace". For example, if you create a page relating to a creature, you need to place it in the "Creature:" namespace. The same is true if you'd like to create a fictional empire, which are placed in the "Fiction:" namespace. A list of the most commonly used namespaces can be seen below.

Creature Namespace
Creatures that you have created in the game.

Captain Namespace
The namespace used most commonly for fictional characters.

Vehicle Namespace
Vehicles that your civilization uses.

Planet Namespace
For planets that you have encountered or created.

System Namespace
For systems that you have encountered or created.

Fiction Namespace
Anything that can't be included in the above categories, such as empires, galaxies, characters and wars.

Finding Your Place[]

Science Fiction Universe

In the SporeWiki Fiction Universe, there are seven diverse and expansive galaxies for users to place their fiction in. Though you are not forced to join a particular galaxy based on this section, you may like to establish your fiction within one of them based on the general themes found in that galaxy. Some galaxies such as the Milky Way Galaxy are free to all users to use, though others such as the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Quadrant Galaxies require the approval of their respective owners.

Overview Administrators/Coordinators Description
Andromeda Galaxy Monet47

Open Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy is diverse and broadly-connected galaxy currently coordinated by Monet47, TheImperios and TheHachi, who welcome new fictions to Andromeda and serve as caretakers to new users seeking to set up fiction there. Their permission however, is not needed in order to set up a fiction here.

Andromeda is a rich and diverse galaxy that caters for a huge variety of stories. It is home to stories and themes of ancient secrets, lovecraftian tales, stories of war, political conspiracies and personal and emotional struggles within a theme of science fantasy. Those familiar with franchises such as Warhammer 40,000 and EVE Online will feel at home in Andromeda.

Borealis Galaxy OluapPlayer

Closed Galaxy

The Borealis Galaxy is administered by OluapPlayer. Fans of character drama and character-based stories are sure to find something special in Borealis. It is no longer open for colonization by new users.
Cyrannus Galaxy Cyrannian

Open Galaxy
Permission required from Cyrannian

The Cyrannus Galaxy is administered by Cyrannian, with users requiring his approval to join the galaxy, however they are always welcome to do so. An immersive, organised galaxy, Cyrannus could appeal to those who enjoy a mix of both character-driven plots and civilisation-driven story arcs that last many years.

Fans of Star Wars, Star Trek and other forms of epic science fiction would feel at home in Cyrannus. Users who collaborate in Cyrannus often work closely with those in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Quadrant Galaxies Dinoman82

Closed Galaxy
Permission required from Dinoman82

The Quadrant Galaxies are among the oldest parts of the Fiction Universe and are administered by Dinoman82, who is welcoming of new fictions in the Quadrants. Similarly organised and immersive as galaxies such as Cyrannus and Andromeda, the Quadrants are generally more fantasy-oriented than the other galaxies of the Gigaquadrant, though fans of Star Trek, Star Wars and Final Fantasy in particular will appreciate Quadrantia fiction. Users who collaborate in the Quadrants often work closely with those in the Cyrannus Galaxy.
Milky Way Galaxy None

Open Galaxy

The Milky Way Galaxy is a free-for-all galaxy that anyone can contribute in. The home of popular fiction such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets and Humanity, the Milky Way is diverse and lacks a single defining theme. However, those interested in hard science fiction will be interested in joining the Milky Way's Cooperative. The Milky Way is the most commonly used galaxy in the Fiction Universe and is a good place for new users to start.
Mirus Galaxy None

Open Galaxy

The Mirus Galaxy is a free-for-all galaxy that appeals to users who seek struggle for survival, mystery and political intrigue. Fans of Warhammer, Evangelion and Bionicle should feel at home here.
Tuuros Galaxy Xho

Open Galaxy
Permission required from Xho

The Tuuros Galaxy is a galaxy coordinated by Xho, of which any user can join with his approval. The Tuuros Galaxy is ancient and twisted galaxy, filled to the brim with both those struggling for survival and those wishing to bring doom on others. Tuuros' dystopian atmosphere is inspired by art such as Giger, as well as themes surrounding both cyberpunk and supernatural landscapes.

As the Tuuros Galaxy is the newest Galaxy on SporeWiki, users are encouraged to progress fiction here, as the Galaxy's setting has immense room to still be built upon.

Eupherion Galaxy NorthCacique

Open Galaxy
Permission required from NorthCacique

The Eupherion Galaxy is a galaxy coordinated by NorthCacique, of which any user can join with his approval. Focused around the struggles of both individual and nation in an ancient artificial galaxy, against the backdrop and aftermath of a war between the cosmic forces of Chaos and Ultraterrestrials, Eupherion revolves around the space opera genre with a particular focus on more magical aspects of Essence and interactions between cultures. Eupherion is a mix of science fiction and fantasy elements, especially cyberpunk and supernatural inspirations, and users looking for dystopias in either of these genres will find a suitable home in Eupherion.
Phradox Galaxy Atamolos

Open Galaxy
Permission required from Atamolos to establish a location for your civilization(s)

The aim of the Phradox Galaxy is to be something altogether different from the prototypical "space opera" that characterizes most of the galaxies in the First Gigaquadrant. It is a place home to such alien concepts as sentient stars and planets, immense colonial civilizations spanning light years with a hyperspatial hive mind, biological spaceships that feed on dust and surf the cosmic waves, and a web of interdimensional wormholes that connect vast distances in space, time, and the multiverse. This galaxy is perfect for the creative and spiritual types, fans of hard sci-fi, and anyone wanting to start out fictions with relative freedom. There are no oppressive galactic superpowers to threaten any new factions, and the creation of new and interesting civilizations is always encouraged.
Fantasy Universe

The Fantasy Universe is located on the mystical planet Narazen.

Overview Administrators/Coordinators Description
Narazen NorthCacique

Open Setting

Set in a fantasy universe in the distant aftermath of the ancient wars between gods, Narazen is the primary location of the Fantasy Universe reboot and acts as the smaller equivalent of the First Gigaquadrant itself. Open to all users to join, there are still several guidelines that fictions are expected to follow before joining the universe.

Guidelines and Rules[]

250px-The Grox

Obey these rules, or face our wrath!
 :- Grox

  • The Absolute Rule: Don't mention, use, edit or copy other people's fiction without permission, or use them in ways they do not want, such as belittling. For instance, claiming your fiction has attacked, destroyed or has relationships with another one by the creator's back are not legal. This will result in the fiction being considered non-canon until permission from the respective user has been granted. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a warning and if it persists, is ultimately a blockable offence.
Gaining permission from the owner of the fiction you want to use can ensure your additions are acceptable and not belittling.
  1. In both the Fiction and Fantasy Universes, creating a fiction that is super-powerful for the sake of being super-powerful is not recommended. In the Fiction Universe, this can be manifested as an empire which can destroy an entire galaxy quite easily while in the Fantasy Universe, the use of "modern" weapons such as bombs and machines also works against the general theme of the fiction. Of course, over time such powerful fictions may be accepted by the community, though not when they are initially introduced.
  2. You are not permitted to take fiction claimed by someone else as your own unless the owner deliberately gives it to you.
  3. Oversized empires, for example spanning an entire galaxy, with a population greater than the number of stars in the universe, with starships a trillion miles long are greatly discouraged.
  4. Vast new areas such as new galaxies or continents on Koldenwelt require community permission. This is granted if the new area begins with four or more users involved, and must begin with established native fiction before much outsiders involvement.

Further Reading[]

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