Electromancy, most known as Lightning Magic and occasionally Thunder Magic, is one of the secondary elemental schools of the Source, based around the manipulation of lightning discharges. It is considered a child school of wind magic.


Tales say that the Old Colossus of Lightning, Relanvadur, was made manifest upon the first thunderous wing beats of Constarnach, the Colossus of Wind. The first Lightning Drakes and Lightning Elementals date from this era, where the world is said to have been chaotic and engulfed in terrible thunderstorms. No great immortal race was known for their distinct power over lightning magic.

In the modern day, electromancy is easily found through practitioners of the religion of Thunardormir, the New Colossus of Lightning, which is primarily composed of dwarves.



Electromancy draws its power from electricity. It thrives in the presence of it, especially during thunderstorms. It possesses a strong connection to its parent school, aeromancy, but a practitioner of pure lightning magic is unable to manipulate wind and vice-versa. While heavily associated with storms, electromancy is also affected by static electricity when in a sufficiently large scale.

Lightning magic is a dangerous school to use and master, as malpractice can lead to the death of the user. As such, those who learn how to properly use it tend to be highly revered for their immense skill. It is particularly effective against hydromancers, but is known to be nearly useless against professional geomancers.


The most known power of electromancy is of launching lightning bolts from the user's preferred means of casting magic, be it hands, wands or staves. As lightning strikes let out powerful thunder noise, electromancers tend to be highly resistant to sound as part of their training. Empowering oneself with lightning magic not only increases the user's power but effectively gives them a protection against physical blows, as any who strike at a charged electromancer will be electrocuted on the spot.

Compared to other elemental schools, lightning magic has few defensive capabilities and no healing properties whatsoever. Barriers of electricity are difficult to maintain despite being effective shields, with most electromancers preferring to simply launch the magic at the enemy instead of attempting to use it as protection.

Famous Electromancers[]

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