Chronomancy, known otherwise as Time Magic is one of the natural magics derived from the Source. The ability to manipulate time - the very bedrock of all causation within the Aethereal Firmament, Time Magic is an extraordinarily dangerous school of magic long since devoid of widespread use on Koldenwelt. One of the three considered 'lost magics' alongside Heliomancy and Aetheromancy, the knowledge of Chronomancy rests only with Koldenwelt's most reclusive and ancient cultures that still survive, and even among them the use of the magic is forbidden.

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As one of the fundamental laws of the Aethereal Firmament, time has ran its course since the very beginning of the universe, and Samayapalaka, the Colossus of Time was said to have formed upon the first instance of time's beginning. From Samayapalaka, stemmed the Time Drakes and Time Elementals, wardens of Isiris' causation as to prevent fragmentations in time from occurring. Despite this, Samayapalaka still feared Caligaduro Provectus - a Simulacrum that possessed the might to devour other deities, and during the destruction of the Echdrarothrayu, Samayapalaka chose to seal himself away from Caligaduro's gaze, having said to have travelled to the very core of the universe, beyond the Simulacra's reach and those that wished to abuse Chronomancy. From this, the Time Elementals founded the Ministarium of Epochs, which continues to this day as guardians against the destruction of time itself.

Over the course of history, Time Drakes continued to exist but only in very small numbers, appearing to mortalkind when required. Among those of mortalkind skilled enough to cultivate Chronomancy were the Kamehebi, only until the death of the Primeval Kamehebi, Kami, of which whose life was taken and thus the source of their power over Chronomancy dwindled and died out. From this, the Lagosi had stolen their means of conjuring this same magic and still practice Chronmancy.

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It is said that Chronomancy and Cryptomancy are heavily intertwined; whilst Cryptomancy manipulates matter, Chronomancy manipulates time. Thus, Chronomancy is also drawn from the universe's very being, and those that are more skilled in Chronomancy can call upon more of the universe's own energy to be manipulated. Despite this, Chronomancy is rarely hybridised with elemental magics due to the severity of concentration required to muster it, and a falter of concentration can cause catastrophic damage to the universal order, and it is said that the worst fractures in time can open gateways to the Chaosphere, a domain where time does not flow. It is nowhere near as varied as Cryptomancy, although the scope of Chronomancy has never truly been explored to any depth.

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Chronomancy is a magic of such potency that many godlike entities - Isiris, Samayapalaka, as well as the phoenix Kinmorunddraver have aggressively elected to forbid Chronomancy to most of Koldenwelt. Whilst the magic can still be conjured, such knowledge is often accidental or esoteric in nature, as it is said that the Vila Elf culture also have small knowledge of how to manipulate time. The manipulation of time is unnatural in itself; time can be moulded from a linear to a cyclical course - undo ageing, and even grant immortality to an educated enough user. However, due to the dangers of the magic, most users of Chronomancy can often splinter time into disastrous scenarios; to the more malevolent and evil of Chronomancers, such fragmentation of time can serve their own ends. The worst of fates a Chronomancer can bring upon themselves is to exist timelessly and outside of the Aethereal Firmament's grasp, imprisoning them for all eternity and beyond.

The extreme danger of the magic is said to be of a great enough magnitude as to undo the damages of Nihilomancy, and thus during the course of history, the Ministarium of Epochs has existed to undo gateways from the Void as well as fight Void Denizens that exist to cause harm to the universe.

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