Aeromancy, most known as Wind Magic is one of the primary elemental schools of the Source, based around the manipulation of wind.


Tales say that the Old Colossus of Wind, Constarnach, used his divine power over aeromancy to aid in the creation of the world alongside the other elemental gods, with him being responsible for creating the air which life would use to breathe. Wind elementals and Great Sky Dragons inhabited the surface of the world since times immemorial, though no great immortal race was known for their distinct power over wind magic.

Use of wind magic was never as widespread as arcane, fire or water, though it remains prominent in many magic-using cultures during the New Age.



Aeromancy draws its power from the wind. It thrives in the presence of breezes and the outdoors, where fresh air is abundant. It possesses a strong connection to its child school, electromancy, but a practitioner of pure wind magic is unable to manipulate lightning and vice-versa. Its main counterpart among the elemental schools of the Source is geomancy, though they are able to complement each other much more easily than pyromancy and hydromancy.

Use of wind magic is considered niche compared to fire and water, which have more immediate uses to a day-to-day basis. Nonetheless, aeromancers are highly respected for their power, which often results in the user growing exceptional dexterity and agility.


The most popular ability of aeromancy is manipulating wind currents to grant the user flight, or to allow objects to float over the ground. Such currents can also be blasted at opponents, with powerful enough magic being able to knock targets off their feet, and the more powerful aeromancers are able to manipulate the air in order to create tornadoes. Overall, however, wind magic is not too known for its destructive capabilities, even though they exist.

Aeromancy may be used defensively to create wind barriers to block attacks, or grant the practitioner highly increased agility and dexterity, allowing them to easily outpace their opponents and evade harm. Wind magic is perhaps the most flexible of the primary elemental schools concerning the combination of magic attacks; wind and fire can be combined into a flaming tornado, wind and ice may be used to create a hailstorm, etc.

Famous Aeromancers[]

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