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This is a Koldenwelt message tavern, available for use by all nations that are part of the fantasy SporeWiki reality.

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In testing is a new msg template. See here on how to use it. When posting, post this way if/when you have one. When starting a topic, post this way:

{{Msg/(Your template name)
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|message = 
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  • Sandbox - For template testing and anything else relevant.

We got a tavern now Edit

MiniWitch The Sea Witch of the South
Try not to get too drunk when talking to people. It makes you look rude.

MiniKarps Representing the Caxildiz Tribe is: Lord Karps (Communications)
Is this how you tiny beings communicate? Hmpf.
The Sea Witch of the South
I would sure enjoy watching a Sea Giant get drunk.
Representing the Caxildiz Tribe is: Chieftain Grumbgor (Communications)
You shut your beak, bird hag! Dare not blaspheme in front of the god!


The Sea Witch of the South
You're not invited!


Heheheheh...taverns are good...always full of people...


Representin da Dark Loronz is: Da Propa Big Warcheef Kebra'Osos (Dunt call us we dun like yas)
but culturs booooooooorin

Trade Offer from The City State of HalifaxiaEdit

Representing the Halifaxians, Sir Terrik Boudreau
Greetings, fellow Koldenweltians!

Today the City State of Halifaxia comes to you with the offer of mutual trade. Our items include Wine and grapes, high-quality Steel, works of Art, fabrics, scriptures and books, and Gunpowder and Arquebuses. We hope that we may find many other great and unusual civilizations willing to exchange for equally valuable goods, so that we will be able to make a fair deal.

Many thanks,

Sir Boudreau of Halifaxia

Greetings, citizens of Halifaxia,

We the Gryphon Lineage, are honored to make contact with you. We also have many interesting goods, including: feathers (Gryphon feathers are very soft yet durable, and would make excellent stuffing and insulation), meat, lumber, gold, unusual art pieces, and vast quantities of scrolls. We hope that this is the start of a long history of cooperation between our peoples. Added note: please do not send wine. My people find it highly toxic. Thanks in advance,

His lord Makalzie
Representing the Halifaxians, Sir Terrik Boudreau
Excellent! We shall have the treasure fleet loaded and ready within a short while.
We are intrigued

The Empire is constantly seeking to increase our knowledge of other nations on this planet. We would like to to sample your wine, as well as purchase art such as sculptures and books. The industrial goods also intrigue us. In return, we will give you are own stregthend metal, as well as loads of sea food and precious metals.

We will also ship you our own books, sculptures, paintings etc. We hope this can be the start of a trade alliance. May the abyss guard your lives

Nagatha'Yig The Engineer.
Representing the Halifaxians, Sir Terrik Boudreau
Good. We look forward to this deal. Our treasure fleet is being loaded up as we speak.
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