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The SporeWiki Fantasy Universe is a large high fantasy setting revolving around the civilisations of "Koldenwelt", a planet located in a separate setting from the Fiction Universe where civilizations have flourished for over thirty thousand years in two main continents as well as a large number of smaller islands. Compared to the Fiction Universe, which is inspired by the Space Stage, the Fantasy Universe is roughly inspired by the Tribal and Civilization Stages.

The Fantasy Universe is a collaborative universe made by many users on the wiki. Though the theme of the Fantasy Universe is primarily character-based storytelling, wars and battles between empires are also welcome. There is generally little pressure or limits for the Universe, and it has few rules so there is lots of potential for imagination. However, there are some standards to follow.


History Edit

The Fantasy Universe was first conceived by Ghelæ, TheImperios and Dinoman82 at January 30, 2011, where basic concepts such as the planet, its main inhabitants (the humanoid Deiwos, the draconic Kelodhros and the animal-like Theriocephali), its magic properties, the original continent, the War for the Eye and the Colossi were introduced. Other users such as Xho, TheHachi, OluapPlayer and various others would proceed to help populate the setting with protagonistic, antagonistic and neutral species and factions. However, at this point, interest in the Fantasy Universe lowered until it became inactive.

Interest in the setting would re-sparkle in 2014 where the users returned to the Universe and gave it a big overhaul, detailing the setting and its concepts with the creation of a second continent, various new magic schools, detailed pages for each major region and its inhabitants, the Simulacra and their alternate dimensions, and a more detailed explanation of Koldenwelt's history.

2015 marked the beginning of the first major scale fictions of the setting, including the Eschaton, which has served as the setting's equivalent of the War of Ages. 2016 followed with similar character-based fictions stories through its entire duration.

Participating Edit

Date Edit

The current date accepted by the community is:

33 NA

Unlike the Fiction Universe, the Fantasy Universe does not use a real-life calendar. Time passes according to the community's consensus.

Rules Edit

As stated above, there are few rules, although the majority of them are common sense. These are not to create needless bureaucracy, but to ensure equality within the universe.

  1. You are required to be be polite and considerate to other users (and if conflict arises, settle the dispute rather than argue). Constructive criticism is okay, but collaboration requires co-operation.
  2. It must not interfere with the article mainspace; do not add references to fiction within it, and put fiction in the correct namespace.
  3. Your empire should not look like the Bad Starter Example, it must be well written, detailed and not overly powerful without any weaknesses in comparison to others (fair basically) before it enters the Fantasy Universe, like the Good Starter Example.
  4. The Fantasy Universe was made to be completely separated from the Fiction Universe. As such, it is not allowed to make connections between them. After all, if they were directly linked, what would be the point of having two different universes?
  5. Fixed features - Some parts or rules of the universe are "fixed", decided by the community. Make sure your fiction does not conflict with those constants. These include:
    1. The Orichalcum Elf Imperium, the Ondarei Mharinis, the Cobalt Kingdom and the Sohet are the oldest civilizations in the setting.
    2. The Ar-Klith Sky Empire is the most advanced civilization in the modern era.
    3. There is only one Colossus for any given element alive at a time. Colossi must all be themed around a Koldenweltian magic school.
    4. There are only twelve Simulacra.
  6. Technology should not be more advanced than things used during the Earth's Middle Ages. For example, gunpowder use should be kept to a minimum as it would give the faction a disproportionate advantage over the rest of the setting.
  7. Koldenwelt as two continents, an eastern one and an western one. Users are not allowed to create more. To settle your fiction in the setting, use a location within one of them.
    1. If you want to settle in an specific location made by another user, make sure to ask for their permission.
    2. You may create islands, though they must have the size of islands, not continents.
    3. Claiming your fiction comes from an unseen continent beyond the ones we have is not allowed; there are no continents beyond the ones we have.
    4. Do not have your fiction claim to come from beyond the Great Eastern Wall. There's nothing there, nor is anyone meant to know what might exist there.
  8. The setting is 30,000 years old. Dates older than 30,000 BNA are not considered valid.
  9. While there is no limit to the amount of cities your faction can have, you must have the common sense of not taking over large regions of space which would disallow other fiction from settling into the planet.
  10. You are not allowed to take fiction claimed by someone else as your own unless the owner deliberately gives it to you. When making new fiction, make sure you are not doing something already done by someone else.
    1. An exception to the above rule exists if the creator of the fiction has been inactive from the wiki for over a period of six months. In order to give active fiction as much space as possible, inactivity may lead to fiction being considered non-canon. In this case, trusted users can ask the community to adopt the inactive fiction in order to bring it back to activity. Nonetheless, you are much more encouraged to come up with something yourself.
  11. You are not permitted to mention other users' fiction within your own without seeking their permission first. For instance, claiming your fiction has attacked, destroyed or has relationships with another one by the creator's back are not legal.
  12. When using the Koldenwelt Discussion Tavern, keep civil. Do not edit or delete messages made by other users, unless you have their permission.

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Add this userbox to your userpage to become a member of the Fantasy Universe.

Koldenwelt1 This user is an official member of the SporeWiki Fantasy Universe.

To use this template on a page (user page, subpage or fiction page), simply add {{User fantasy universe}} to it.

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All users who have officially joined the Fantasy Universe are welcome to add their very best pictures!


  • The Fantasy Universe possesses an article on TvTropes, which can be found here.

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