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SporeWiki has its own Discord server, which is the official main communication platform for the community. Discord is useful both for discussions related to the wiki content, wiki policy, its Fiction Universe, and general chit-chat and off-topic discussions with the community. It is a convenient place to reach Administrators if you have a question. It also contains voice chat rooms for users who want to hang out, or play games as a group.

Discord requires a signup with an email and password, but once joined, is very simple to join and convenient to use. No downloads are required unless extra convenience is desired, and it can be accessed on web and mobile easily, with the ability to pick up and join the discussion from anywhere. Discord also allows users to join any of a large number of servers aside from SporeWiki, and conveniently switch between them.


The rules of Discord use are as follows:

  1. Be courteous: The most crucial rule of the Discord is to be courteous to your fellow users and if you cannot, either ignore them or you risk sanctions.
  2. Common sense: Don't harass, insult or purposely offend other users. If an user is offended by a subject or expressions, they may request the discussion to cease at once. Failure to comply may lead to a temporary kick from the server.
  3. Wiki admin = Discord admin: Discord admins are noted in the user list. They have the final say when it comes to ending arguments and requesting discussions are moved to other channels.
  4. Keep to correct channel: A broad range of topics can be discussed on the Discord, but we will request that you move discussion of these topics to the correct channel, especially if said topic is controversial. This is out of courtesy, not everyone is interested in discussing politics or religion - you will be asked to keep to #halcyon if you discuss this in any other channel.
  5. User names: If you are a Wiki Contributor, you are required to identify yourself on the Discord either with your Wiki username or something close. Abbreviations and fiction-related nicknames are allowed. Refusing to identify yourself, or abusing the ability to change your name will lead to a kick, with repeated offences leading to a ban. Additionally, do not put emojis in your name, as it makes pinging the user bothersome and is, honestly, simply annoying.
  6. Fiction arguments: If you don't like a particular fiction, do not whine about it on Discord. Mature feedback is acceptable, though a user is within his or her rights to end such discussions about their own fiction. Persistence in this regard is grounds for sanction by the admins.
  7. Flame wars: Major arguments, though inevitable, are not tolerated. If you want to have an argument that escalates to a flame war, take it to private chat. Nevertheless, harassment on private chat will result in a ban, just as it would on the main channel.
  8. SporeWiki ban = Discord ban: If you are banned on the wiki, you are banned on the Discord and vice-versa. Use alternative means to appeal your ban.
  9. Spam: This is a relatively simple rule. Do not flood any of the text channels with links, images or unwanted text, and do not disturb any of the voice channels. Excessive use of memes outside of #ka-an and #trash, is prohibited, and even there, users are expected to behave.
  10. Pruning: Less of a rule and more of a note; every once in a while, the server's user list is pruned in order to remove users without roles who have not been seen in over 30 days. This is not a ban; if you are pruned and want to return, you are free to do so.
  11. Threats: Threats of death and suicide will be reported to reports@discordapp.com who will take the necessary steps from there. There is a zero-tolerance policy for death threats, and threats of suicide may incur a ban at a later period. A user can be reported by emailing Discord reports with the user name and [better] the account ID (which can obtained in developer mode by right clicking on the user name to copy).

While this is not a rule, be wary of posting opinions, especially of other users on the wiki and be mindful of how you want to appear to avoid sowing discontent.

Wiki Contributors

Recognised members of the community are deemed Wiki Contributors role in the Discord's user-list. They follow all of these guidelines:

  1. They possess a known account in the Wiki (including an user page).
  2. They have introduced themselves to the community.
  3. They adhere to the Discord's naming rule.
  4. They have contributed to the community by making at least around 200 constructive edits to either the main-space or the Fiction Universe.

Non-Wiki Contributors can post in most channels except for #entertainment and #voice. Wiki Contributors may request coloured nicknames and nominate articles to be featured on the Main Page each month. Remember the granting of this role is ultimately up to the admins' discretion; they may decide to give it earlier than noted if the user displays an adequate level of dedication.


The server's channels are presented below. In case the channel subject is unclear, read the descriptions below or the ones present on the top of the channel's screen on Discord itself.

All members

  • #welcome
    • Greetings, introductions, discussions and Q/A about Spore.
  • #creations
    • Posting spore creations. Posting creations made with the use of mods is completely allowed.
    • Sharing fictions for both SporeWikiverse and private universes, ideal to post pages requesting feedback.
  • #recent-changes
    • RSS feed for SporeWiki's latest content.

SporeWiki contributor-only

  • #general
    • Used for general discussion, both on-topic or off-topic. Keep memes and reactions to the minimum.
  • #wiki-discussion
    • General wiki discussion (projects, maintenance) and collaboration.
    • SporeWiki fiction content, for discussing fictions and collaborations, ideal to post new pages requesting feedback.
  • #events
    • Used as a temporary channel for specific events, such as the monthly nominating of new Featured Articles or creation contests.
  • #voice
    • The voice channels of the server are accessible to Wiki Contributors. Serves for general discussion.


  • #announcements
    • Used to post wiki, Spore and Discord related news by admins. Users cannot send messages in here, but can read updates. Users are discouraged from muting this channel as this is where site-related news are posted.
  • #affiliates
    • Links to affiliate specialist channels both on and off-wiki (but related). Provide an admin with an invite link to your server. Disclaimer: These servers are moderated by local consensus, not by admins. Different rules and consensus may apply. SporeWiki is not responsible for content on unaffiliated communities. Abuse directed at users will cause a server to be revoked of this privilidge.
  • #admin
    • Moderation chat used exclusively by admins.


The Discord can be joined below!
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  • A number of SporeWiki's memorable characters have been added to the Discord as emojis. What characters become emojis is up to the admins' discretion, though the characters' owners are allowed to request the emojis be updated or removed. The following characters have been incorporated: