The SporeWiki is a great source of information about Spore, thanks to the fact that anyone can add information to it. Unfortunately, every person has his or her own view of what an article should look like, what it should be called and if it should exist at all. For that reason, this page exists. It is meant to serve as a guideline for cleaning up existing articles and writing new articles so that a unified format can be used.

First and foremost, editors should read Wikipedia's naming conventions because they have been brought forth by hundreds, if not thousands of veteran Wiki editors.

Dedicated editors are encouraged to go through articles and modify them to conform to these naming conventions. It makes SporeWiki a so much more easy-to-use database of information.

A few points to go through when reviewing an article are:

Does the article title and headers comply to naming conventions?
Wikipedia's naming conventions state that each word in the title and headers should be lowercase unless it is the first word or it is always written with a leading uppercase letter (Such as names, for example: "Spore", "Will Wright", "Maxis"). The same rules apply to categories, et cetera. They also state that nouns should always be in singular and verbs in gerund-form (verb + -ing: "making a cake") unless the words are only used in one particular form ("Scissors", for example).
Does the article have a logical structure?
The article should be divided into sections and the sections into paragraphs in a way that makes sense to the reader.
Is the article user-friendly?
The article should not contain a large amount of images. Only images which are directly relevant, or the most relevant image if there are several, should be used. It is also important that the article is compatible with all the big browers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari).
Is the article grammatically correct?
Choice of words, spelling, grammar, punctuation. . . If so, use {{cleanup}} on the page.
Is the article correctly categorized?
A descriptive category makes it much easier to browse information about a certain subject.

Things to do[]

  • Currently a lot of articles and categories are using capitalized titles when they, according to the Wikipedia naming conventions, should not. While it will be a humongous task to change the article titles and their headers to "proper" names, even with a bot, it will make editing of articles easier, as well as make articles more readable.
  • Many article titles are currently using the plural form rather than the singular form (Vehicles for example). There may also be some articles not using the gerund-form of verbs (Terraforming is correct, but if it had been Terraform or Terraformed etc it would not have been).
  • There are many orphaned articles. If an article is obsolete, add the AFD (Articles For Deletion) template to the top so that it may be reviewed and deleted if need be. If it is a very short article and it can be merged with another article, add the merge template to it. Otherwise, find relevant articles and link to the orphaned article where possible.
  • I have seen duplicates of images, so it might be a good idea to go through images and make sure there is only one copy of each one. Use the {{Duplicate|Image name.jpg}} (Image name.jpg is the name of the image that is not considered the duplicate) template in the duplicate image description to add it to the duplicate images category.

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