SporeWiki's Civilization Universe is another universe, similar to Science Fiction universe and Fantasy Universe. It is created by Liquid Ink. Like the Sci-fi and Fantasy Universes, this is collaborative.

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The Civ universe is, is a collaborative fiction based on the Civilizaion stage. It is limited to a single planet named Deisna, although some trips to the moon of Deisna is acceptable. Technology ranges from the early City Stage to late Civilization Stage. Lasers like the ones used by aircraft in the late Civ Stage is the maximum of technology. There are no aliens, with the exeption of a single collaborative alien race which act secretly; doing things like abductions, crop circling and crashing in Area 51. Since magic is not real, it will not be included. Keeping in mind that the US once tried to train it's soldiers in psychic warfare.

You may draw inspiration from real-life nations, or from books similar to this universe.

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  • Liquid Ink apologizes for the dumb, stupid and ridiculous way this fiction was thrown upon the wiki. He apologizes, and says he will build it properly as soon as possible.
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