This article is about the community surrounding Spore, and not necessarily about the game itself.

A number of games have been compared to Spore, due to having similar gameplay and themes.

Freeware games[edit | edit source]


Developer Platform Description
Amoeba Terry Paton
Adobe Flash
An avoider game in which the player, an amoeba, collects glucose cells to grow bigger and avoids viruses.
Thrive Revolutionary Games.
Microsoft Windows
THRIVE is an open source game which aims to simulate the entire universe - your way. From the lowly tide pools of your home planet, you will evolve a creature to triumph against your adversaries, gain sentience and blast off to explore distant worlds.
Biogenesis Joan Queralt Molina
Biogenesis is an artificial life program that simulates the processes involved in the evolution of organisms. It shows colored segment based organisms that mutate and evolve in a 2D environment. Biogenesis is based on Primordial Life.
Darwin Pond Rocket Science Games, Inc.
Microsoft Windows
A microbial life simulation.
elu clysm
Microsoft Windows
A humble life simulator in which the player can slightly affect the environment or simply observe.
Eufloria Rudolf Kremers & Alex May
Microsoft Windows
A real-time strategy game involving space exploration and conquest.
flOw Jenova Chen & Nicholas Clark
Adobe Flash
A tidepool game in which the player guides a cell to eat other cells to evolve. At the bottom, you reproduce, and are allowed to play as a different cell. It also has quite a pleasant soundtrack.
iGalaxy inferno BS2 mod A two-dimensional celestial-body simulator.
Microbe Kombat Hero Interactive
Adobe Flash
A microbe combat game.
Oroboros Funface Games
Adobe Flash
A dragon-piloting, level-centric game.
Manifest Michael Chang
A tablet-focused drawing toy featuring procedural microorganisms.
Noctis IV Fottifoh
Microsoft Windows
Massive universe simulator with up to 80 billion interactive stars and planets.
Plankton Life

Plankton Life 2

Logic Collision
Adobe Flash
An avoider game in which the player controls a microorganism.
Sodaplay Soda Creative Ltd.
A community-driven physics toy repository.
Sipho All Parts Connected
Microsoft Windows
Sipho is a game that combines eerie real life underwater creatures, insects, body parts with building, combat and exploration. Create your own creature by combining various parts, called zooids.
The Universal
Microsoft Windows
A free downloadable MMO game where you can run your own planet and travel to others run by real people.
Celestia - Galaxy Simulator
Microsoft Windows
A virtual planetarium which can be expanded by addons.
Evochron Renegades
Microsoft Windows
A space simulator with a procedurally generated world just like Spore's
Microsoft Windows
A planet/evolution/ecosystem simulator with simple 3D graphics
Captain Forever
Adobe Flash
A free game, where the player shoots other ships in space to steal their parts. Different ways of constructing the spacecraft will change the way the ships move and shoot. Ships can also be shared with other players. It is not unlike Flow.
Void Hunters
Jagex's game, akin to Captain Forever, only in Java and with a different grid system, also multiplayer. Uses the same login details as runescape
Planetoid 2
Microsoft Windows
A game where you chose a race and start a civilization in space. As you invest in new technology, you can eventually travel to another planet. There is always one other civilization in your system, which you can either befriend or battle.
Games inspired by Spore

Commercial games[edit | edit source]

  • Imagine Earth - A game that is similar to colonization and the civilization stages in Spore.

Games that different Spore stages have been compared to[edit | edit source]

Space stage: Master of Orion, Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters,ace online}, , Stellaris

Mobile games[edit | edit source]

Evolution of Species 1 and 2:Like cell stage in spore

Evolution Simulator Trilogy:2 like the cell stage and 1 like the creature stage but with cell stage physics

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