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Spode Zealot

A zealot empire mentioning Spode

Spode is a deity worshipped by Philosophy of Faith (Zealot) civilizations in the Space Stage. These civilizations have a habit of having violent traits, being distrusting of strangers, and being aggressive towards anyone who refuses to accept "the wisdom of Spode", including fellow Zealot factions.

About Spode[]

Spode's name is a mixing of "Spore" and "God". Little is known about Spode, but the Scrolls of Faith dictate some, if not all, of the beliefs. They detail how Spode is almighty and how his teachings will bring enlightenment, as well as instructing that all who reject the ways of Spode must be destroyed. They also state that the Grox are evil and so is the "False God That Will Come", and that a "Day of Reckoning" will come where Spode's faithful will destroy the Grox. They also tell people to seek the "Eye of Spode", which likely refers to the Galactic Core.

According to what Zealot empires say on delivery missions, Spode has tentacles. As the Galactic Core is interpreted as being the 'eye', the tentacles would in turn refer to the Spore Galaxy's arms. One of the missions you can receive from a Zealot civilization is a retrieval mission in which they ask you to bring them a creature that some of their people believe to be the same species as Spode's companion, which implies they believe Spode exists in a physical form.

The Zealot adventure, Temple of Spode, displays Spode smiting the Black Claw after answering the prayers of Priest Falloha. This shows that, while unseen, Spode exists and is able to directly interact with the universe when he wishes to.


  • The word "Spode" is used in other forms of media, bearing no relation to its use in Spore.
    • Spode is an Archchancellor from the Unseen University of Ankh-Morpork, on the Discworld (Terry Pratchett books), as seen in the book "Hogfather".
    • Spode is a brand of British Pottery.
    • In PG Wodehouse's book series, Roderick Spode leads an amateur Fascist party in London, named the "Black Shorts". His followers also frequently shout "Hail Spode" during meetings and parades.
  • Spode shares many surface-level similarities to the Cthulhu Mythos god by H. P. Lovecraft, Azathoth. Similar to how Spode's "eye" is said to be the Galactic Core, Azathoth is commonly depicted as existing in either the center of the Milky Way Galaxy or the center of the universe itself. The Spore Galaxy is itself interpreted as Spode's "tentacles", a common theme in the Cthulhu Mythos. However, one should note that various Lovecraftian themes align better with the God That Will Come.