Split Personality (badge)


Missing icon. SVG and PNG are preferred, but JPG is also accepted. "You've changed personality XX times"

Awarded for changing your empire's philosophy. To change personality:

a) Look for an Empire with a strength of 4 or 5. The ones rated 1 to 3 can't teach you their philosophy. It is necessary to have at least friendly relations with an empire with the philosophy you wish to switch to. An alliance is always handy for that.

b) Once this is done, one should inquire as to their race/philosophy, and check the Missions Tab. There should be a mission which will allow you to change your archetype, but unfortunately it costs a lot of money.

Level Number Conditions Badge Points for Completion
1 Change personality 1 time 5
2 Change personality 2 times 10
3 Change personality 4 times 15
4 Change personality 5 times 20
5 Change personality 6 times 25
Master Badge