Tips and TricksEdit

  • (NOTE: You don't have to save if you want to keep your archetype)

If you are very close to becoming Omnipotent (Master Badge Level 10) and are close to finishing a philosophy-changing mission, you can easily get one or all of three achievements: the [your archetype] Hero, [your desired archetype] Passion, and [your desired archetype] Hero. Save and reach omnipotent on your archetype. Exit to the main menu, then restart the save file and complete the change archetype mission. Reach omnipotent. You have now earned the three achievements (if you haven't already).

  • In order to change your philosophy, you must do the following:
  1. NOTE: You can't do this if you have the Omnipotent Master Badge (Level 10)
  2. Find an empire of your desired philosophy. You can find out an empire's philosophy by choosing "Diplomacy -> Tell me about your race."
  3. Take a look at its Empire-tier value, (the little yellow star with a number in it). If it is already 4 or 5 jump to the next step. If it is 1-3, ask the Empire to attack neighboring systems and assist them to ensure they succeed. In this way you can force an empire to expand, effectively increasing their Empire-tier value.
  4. Become their ally.
  5. Go into "Missions -> Teach me your ways".
  6. Do the associated philosophy quest. (note that to get this quest, you will have to pay up to 10,000,000 Sporebucks)
  7. Return to receive your change in philosophy, which also changes your Archetype to one of the associated archetypes.
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