A quick attack that spits projectiles at a single target.

The "spitball" with trail

A creature spitting at an epic.

SporeSpit.png Spit is an attack ability available to creatures in Spore. It is granted by certain weapon parts.

The attack involves purple balls of poison being launched at the enemy. They are homing, like all attacks, and inflict damage over time. Spitting at a charging creature will stun it instead of you, and spitting at a flying creature will cause it to drop to the ground. However, this does not happen if YOU are the one flying.

As with all weapons, it is less cost-effective to choose the dual function damage/health parts if you are getting level 2 spit and health (1 part that costs 75 vs 2 parts that cost 25 each), and it is more cost-effective to choose the dual function damage/health parts if you are getting level 4 spit and health (1 part that costs 250 vs 2 parts that cost 150 each).

Cell Stage[]

A manual poison projectile is unavailable in the Cell Stage; instead, a poison weapon is available that generates a passive cloud of poison. This is ineffective against other cells with the same part.

Spore Galactic Adventures[]

Plasma Pulser and Swarm Magnet will replace Spit if a Captain equips one of the weapons.


Spitting is a ranged attack that can only damage 1 target per use. Regardless of level, the poison effect will always last for 6 seconds, during which the poison damage is dealt. All levels of Spit attacks have a 4 second cooldown. As level is increased, impact damage and total poison damage increase.

Level Impact
1 0.5 1.3
2 1 1.6
3 1.5 2.1
4 2 2.4
5 2.5 3.1

In Galactic Adventures, when Spit is used against vehicles and buildings, it will deal 1 damage on impact and deal no poison damage, regardless of level. Also note that a creature's armor will not affect the poison component of Spit's damage. For example, attacking a foe wearing a Power Shield with level 5 Spit will do 0 impact damage (since Power Shield nullifies all impact damage provided the wearer has sufficient energy), but will still deal the full 3.1 poison damage over the 6 second period.

Parts granting Spit[]

Name Type SporeSpit.png Spit DNA.png DNA
Poison Cell 1 15
Gobstalker Weapon 1 25
Phlegmthrower Weapon 2 75
Problem-Solvent Weapon 3 150
Spraypalm Weapon 4 250
Hockitlaucher Weapon 2 25
Spraybuchet Weapon 3 75
Ziggurhat Weapon 4 150
Porcupain Weapon 5 250


  • Level one spit fires a single purple orb with a trail behind it. Each successive level of spit adds an additional orb, and from level 2 onward they rotate about a single point.
  • The Porcupain spit part has many spikes on it. When using the spit ability, the spikes disappear, then reappear immediately after. This is probably meant to be the creature shooting spikes rather than poison at the opponent, but it still shoots poison anyway.
  • A creature afflicted with spit will slouch and appear noticeably unhealthy. Interestingly, this also happens with the Hologram Scout.
  • In Spore Hero, the "mace" line of weapons (normally a Strike/Health combo part) also function as spit parts.
  • If a creature uses Charge and you spit at it while it is still running, the creature using Charge will get stunned instead.
  • All attacks make the target attempt to retaliate. Creatures with Spit can take advantage of this by targeting enemies standing on the outskirts of their nests. This way, they will walk far away from the nest to chase the player down, allowing them to be killed with ease since they have no backup. Alphas are often found standing at the edge of their nest, which often makes this strategy allow the player to make the most out of a hunt, as alphas are very valuable kills. However, be warned that it is less effective against territorial or hostile nests since they are naturally aggressive and therefore more likely to send multiple creatures to confront the player.
  • The spit ability is the only combat ability that is not found on any part besides weapons. This can make it difficult to incorporate the ability into a creature's design.
  • Spitting is also a component of the most effective epic killing technique, known as kiting.
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