A Spike is a part available in the Cell Creator, which is used to inflict damage. It has a damage rating of 1, which comes into use later in the Creature Stage if kept (it belongs in the Charge category).

Spikes are used for attacking, or defense. If a spike comes into contact with another spike, the attack is blocked, and a faint "clang" sound will be heard. However, a spike in the mouth will inflict damage, without any danger to the cell so long as they attack is carried out properly.
Spiked Shyster

A carnivore with spikes.

A spike costs 10 DNA points. As with all parts, resizing is free.

Pokey, Spiked Shyster, Stabber, Stabbella, Jawhead, Squiggly, Needle Buzzy, Puffish and Megamouth possesses the Spike part.

Hints Edit

  • The best places to put a spike on are the front and back.
  • It is useful for herbivores, without a mouth to protect them.
  • A useful tactic is to place a spike on the end of a cell's body, and attempt to escape from a larger cell.
  • The tactic is to either enlarge the spikes, allowing the cell to keep attackers further away, or to shrink them so that more may be fitted on.

Trivia Edit

  • A spike can be placed inside a mouth, but is incredibly hard to do so, one such example of this is seen in Spiked Shyster and Needle Buzzy.