The Spaceship editor is one of the final editors in the Spore Space Stage (the others being the Outfit Editor, the Colonial Vehicle editor, the Building Editor, and the Creature Editor whilst using Creature Tweaker or Create Creature). This is where the player designs their own spaceship and adds parts such as weapons to it - although the weapons you add will not give any special attacks; they are purely cosmetic, several 3D shapes and cockpits. Spaceships are used to navigate through the galaxy and contact other empires, which is called Interstellar travel. Spaceships are now the only vehicle used in the game, and you are confined to it - however, Spore Galactic Adventures allows you to leave your spaceship and venture down to Adventure Planets.

Surprisingly, the spaceship you created is the only spaceship in all of your empire (with the exception of those traveling along trade routes), although other empires have more than 20 per planet. In Spore Galactic Adventures, Spaceships are the only flying craft that follow terrain contours. Air vehicles will maintain a steady altitude and have less elaborate dogfights with enemy craft. Spaceships will ascend and descend based on terrain, and will loop, bank, and dodge during fights with enemy craft.

Parts Edit

As with all of the vehicle editors, the Spaceship Editor contains all of the same bodies, cockpits, effects, and details that a vehicle editor would normally have. Unlike other editors, however, the Spaceship Editor contains every part from another vehicle editor, as well as some exclusive 'Space Parts'. These include different landers, grabbers, and sensory/detection devices, though none of these have any unique functions in-game.