General[edit source]

Image Title Description
Space Stage Unlocked image Space Stage Unlocked Play enough of the Civilization stage to unlock the Space stage.
Super Pilot image Super Pilot Spend at least 40 hours piloting your spaceship.
Civil Engineer image Civil Engineer Promote 20 alien tribes to civilizations.
Conquistador image Conquistador Capture 15 star systems.
Zoo Keeper image Zoo Keeper Make 15 zoo planets.
Bio Engineer image Bio Engineer Edit 25 creatures with the Creature Tweaker.
Palm Greaser image Palm Greaser Pay 50 bribes in the Space stage.
Maxis Scout image Maxis Scout Earn 100 badges in the Space stage.
Empire Builder image Empire Builder Maximize colonies on 10 planets.
Quietus Star image Quietus Star Destroy 20 planets.
Quest Master image Quest Master Complete 150 missions in the Space stage.
Gunner image Gunner Destroy at least 500 other spaceships.
Identity Crisis image Identity Crisis Forge an alliance between two space faring races of your own creation.
Thief image Thief Steal 50 crates of spice in the Space stage.
Manifest Destiny image Manifest Destiny Find Earth.
Careless Parent image Careless Parent Lose 5 planets.
42 image 42 Find the Center of the Galaxy.
Oh the humanity! Oh the Humanity! Gained for destroying Earth using a Planet Buster in the Space Stage.

Archetypal[edit source]

Image Title Description
Alter Ego image Alter Ego Play Space as all 10 archetypes.
Alter Ego's Alter Ego image Alter Ego's Alter Ego Achieve Master Badge Level 10 as all archetypes.
Zealot Passion image Zealot Passion Play as Zealot.
Warrior Passion image Warrior Passion Play as Warrior.
Bard Passion image Bard Passion Play as Bard.
Knight Passion image Knight Passion Play as Knight.
Wanderer Passion image Wanderer Passion Play as Wanderer.
Trader Passion image Trader Passion Play as Trader.
Shaman Passion image Shaman Passion Play as Shaman.
Scientist Passion image Scientist Passion Play as Scientist.
Diplomat Passion image Diplomat Passion Play as Diplomat.
Ecologist Passion image Ecologist Passion Play as Ecologist.
Zealot Hero image Zealot Hero Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Zealot.
Warrior Hero image Warrior Hero Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Warrior.
Bard Hero image Bard Hero Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Bard.
Knight Hero image Knight Hero Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Knight.
Wanderer Hero image Wanderer Hero Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Wanderer.
Trader Hero image Trader Hero Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Trader.
Shaman Hero image Shaman Hero Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Shaman.
Scientist Hero image Scientist Hero Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Scientist.
Diplomat Hero image Diplomat Hero Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Diplomat.
Ecologist Hero image Ecologist Hero Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Ecologist.
Split Personality image Split Personality Complete a "Change Archetype" mission.

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