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An invading space fleet.

Space Fleets are groups of multiple spaceships moving together, found in the Space Stage. When you start out in the Space stage, you'll start with no allied ship slots open. However, every two Master Badges (Commodore, The Great etc.) you may allow an allied Ship into your fleet. You'll unlock more slots the further along you advance in the space stage (similar to the Creature stage). When you finally reach the Omnipotent Badge, you will be able to a total of five allied ships.

Creating a fleet Edit

When you form an alliance with another alien empire in the galaxy, that empire will automatically send one of their spaceships to join your fleet. If you lose their spaceship during a battle, you must travel to one of their colonies and ask for a new ship. Every time you lose a ship from their empire, you will receive a slight relationship decline, but this is not enough to sever your Alliance with them. The health, speed, and power of their spaceship depends on the strength value of that empire.

  • If the player has the Summon Mini-U tool, they can use a duplicate of their ship, which can replace an allied ship if it is destroyed.

Using NPC fleets Edit

NPC empires can have fleets of many spaceships, which are used to invade planets. These consist of five groups of ships, with each group containing a mother-ship which will spawn fighters to protect it. The strength of the empire will determine the health and damage stats of the ships. The mother-ship will always do more damage than the fighters, but can only target the ground. A player can call an allied empire to attack a planet, where they will send 20 ships, added with the 5 allied ships in the players fleet, you can attack an enemy with a fleet of 25 starships. A further 20 more pirate ships (using the Raider Rally tool, unique to warriors or warrior captains) can also attack a planet before or after the allied fleet*, making an attack force of 45 ships.

  • Note: If the Raider Rally tool is used at the same time an allied fleet is attacking, the allied ships will fly off, but if the allied fleet has been destroyed or the pirates are called before the allies have been summoned at all, the player could have over 45 ships in a single battle.

Spore Galactic Adventures Edit

Even larger fleets can be created in the adventure creator, although they cannot be used in the game. The player can choose the power, speed, health and other parameters of the ships, and can resize them if they wish. Also, multi-model fleets can be made by either setting all ships in a fleet to the same team, or making all ships mindless. If one ship is hostile and unaligned it will fire upon anything with Health.

Other fleets Edit

  • If the players empire sets up a trade route, the player's trade fleet will be seen traveling along the route.
  • There are usually 3 to 5 ships flying around an NPC colony, and perhaps 8 or more travelling around NPC homeworlds (depending on the size of the empire, and the planet's terrascore).
  • The player can use an Uber Turret to orbit and protect their colonies from Pirates and enemy NPCs, and is useful against very powerful foes, like the Grox.
  • When the player visits a different save file's home-world or colony, there will be a fleet of ships defending the planet using the same ship design as the saved game's UFO. Additionally if the player attacks said save-game, and war is declared, the save's empire will send a fleet to attack the players colony's. This will place the player in a state of perpetual war until it is solved. One can resolve the war either by way of diplomacy or deleting the other save file, as it is impossible for the player to destroy the saved game's home-world.

Notes Edit

  • Contrary to popular belief, you cannot have a sixth slot in your fleet with the Summon Mini-U ability. In fact, the game is not even programmed to have a sixth slot, since attempting to spawn more than five Mini-U ships with the exploit above will freeze the game.