Sound Effects are important parts of Ambience in Adventures.

Crowd Edit

These are good for arenas, cities and crowds.

  • Arena Cheer: A crowd applauding,shouting and whistling.
  • Awed Crowd: A crowd that is mumbling in a manner like they are surprised. You can hear someone burping as well.
  • Cheering Crowd: A crowd yelling,cheering and generally excited.
  • Indoor Crowd: A crowd talking sensibly over something.
  • Outdoor Crowd: Similar to Indoor Crowd.
  • Panicking Crowd: A crowd of scared people. Everyone is terrified.
  • Protesting Crowd: A crowd Supporting a leader. This is used in Cilvilization and Space Stage during Protests.
  • Stadium Crowd: A crowd rooting for someone. You can also hear whistles and horns.
  • Worship Crowd: Sounds like people worshiping a god (probably Spode or the False God to come).

Environmental Edit

Environmental FX are for ambiance-like birds, war zones and more.

  • Battlefield Modern: Sounds like ground bombs,gunfire and artillery weapons.
  • Battlefield Classic: Sounds like guns, bombs deployed from aircraft and artillery.
  • Battlefield Sci Fi: Sounds like lasers,phasers,explosions and laser artillery.
  • Beach Ambience: Seagulls,waves and the wind are heard.
  • Birds Ambience: Various birds chirping.
  • Cold Wind: A despolate sounding arctic style wind.
  • Creepy Wolves: Wolves howling in a creepy way.
  • Crickets Ambience: Contains crickets chirping.
  • Desolate Wind: A desolate sounding wind good for war zones and abandoned areas.
  • Evil Whispers: Evil-sounding undecipherable voices.
  • Farm Ambience: Chickens squawking and metal gates opening.
  • Forest Ambience: Chirping forest birds.
  • Frogs: Croaking frogs. Rather quiet though.
  • Haunted House: Clanking metal and desolate wind.
  • Jungle Ambience 1: A bird chirping and some buzzing sound.
  • Jungle Ambience 2: Exotic birds chirping plus crickets.
  • Lake Ambience: Rippling water.
  • Marsh Ambience: Chirping and buzzing.
  • Nestling Ambience: A bird nest.
  • Night Beast: A creepy ambience.
  • Sci Fi Ambience: A powerful futuristic Energy source.
  • Sewer: Dripping water.
  • Space Wind: A quiet, unusual wind-like noise.
  • Spooky Wind: A creepy wind sound FX.
  • The Tomb: A creepy ambience.
  • Thunder: Self-explanatory.
  • Water Drips: Sounds like a dripping faucet.

Mechanical Edit

Various mechanical noises, radio static, car horns and Morse Code.

  • Busy Factory 1: Steam.
  • Busy Factory 2: Pistons building something.
  • Busy Factory 3: Steam or airlock.
  • Communication Blips: Weird,alien-sounding noises.
  • Detonation Timer: A loud noise like "DING DING DING" really fast. Dings 5 times per second.
  • Electric Current: A awkward noise. Use it at power generators and stuff.
  • Factory Exhaust: Steam in concentrated puffs.
  • Factory Rumble 1: Sounds like a deep rumble or a exhaust.
  • Factory Rumble 2: A faster rumble. Sounds like broken axles and stuff.
  • Factory Steam: A concentrated stream of loud steam.
  • Laboratory: Sounds like a Tesla Coil.
  • Morse Code: Self-explanatory.
  • Power Generator: A noise that sounds like a reactor.
  • Power Supply: Similar to Electric Current, but not as sharp.
  • Radio Static: Intense Static.
  • Self Destruct: A sound like "TICK TICK TICK".
  • Static 1: Like a deeper version of TV Static.
  • Static 2: Used in Space Stage for the Drones in the beginning of Space Stage.
  • Traffic 1: Vehicles passing by.
  • Traffic 2: Vehicles Passing by. Not as busy as 1.
  • Traffic 3: Honking of horns.
  • Traffic 4: Honking of horns. Less intense that 3.

Music Edit

This is MUSIC of various varieties.

  • Alien Abduction: A song with a dramatic creepy alienish effect. Good for use in Spaceships and around aliens. Original Soundtrack (OST).
  • Ambush!: A heart-stopping action music good for use when your cover is blown or you are ambushed. OST
  • Ancient Kingdom 1: A Egyptian-Like music good for ruins. OST
  • Ancient Kingdom 2: A more action-orientated song that still fits with a ancient theme. OST
  • Android: A catchy electronic song. Good for social adventures or sports.
  • Angelic Dream: A dramatic sad-sounding song. Good for death scenes. Came from (Insert game came from before SPORE here).
  • Bards Song: A song that has a medieval feel. Good for Story Adventures in medieval times,death scenes and ends to Adventures. Uses a Flute. OST
  • Bebop: A cartoon-like song good for Move-to acts with time limits,races or Social Adventures. OST
  • Big Band 1: More Drums than Brass instruments. Best used with Big Band Part 2. OST
  • Big Band Part 2: Has more Brass instruments than drums. Best used with Big Band 1. OST
  • Bluegrass: A happy-sounding country-style song. Good for use at farms,Social Adventures and races. OST
  • Bollywood: Makes a dramatic ending song to a Adventure. Good for use at tribal places. OST
  • Boogaloo: Good,nice song great for races,Social Adventures and ending songs for Adventures. OST
  • California: A gangster like song named after the state of California. Good for scenes with gangsters,races and ending songs for Adventures. OST
  • Calm World: A peaceful song. Great for scenes where you visit dead friends,ending songs and peaceful areas. OST
  • Cha Cha: A catchy Mexican-style song. Good for Social Adventures,ending songs and peaceful areas.
  • Country Landscape: A country style song. Great for Cowboy adventures,races and ending songs.
  • Creepy Action 1: Sharp,creepy song great for bad situations and similar things.
  • Creepy Action 2: A sharp and creepy heart-stopping song good for when you attack enemies.
  • Down Hill: A sports-style song good for sports,races and much more!
  • Echoes Underwater: An extremely creepy ambiance soundtrack used on Barren Planets in the Space Stage, good for mysteries and other creepy stuff.
  • Electronic: A catchy, electronic song. Good for Social Adventures,sports,races and pretty much anything.
  • Epic Adventure: A dramatic,action type song. Good for escape scenes,battles and traps.
  • Fresh Powder: A heart-pumping song that gets your heart pumping. Good for sports,races and Move-To acts with a time limit.
  • Haunted: A creepy song good for Horror Adventures,haunted places,graveyards and more.
  • Horror: A VERY CREEPY heart-stopping song. Good for use in a similar manner as It's ALIVE!!! and Haunted.
  • It's ALIVE!!!: A tune that is creepy, and gradually increases in creepiness. Great for use in a similar manner as Haunted and Horror.
  • Klezmer: Like amusement park music. Good for amusement parks,Social Adventures and sports.
  • M.U.L.E.: The menu song from M.U.L.E.
  • Metal Madness: A heart-pumping dramatic Heavy Metal song. Good for Combat Adventures ,combat, arenas, races, and sports.
  • Peaceful Universe: Similar to Calm World.
  • Psychedelic Moongarden: A dramatic desolate-sounding song. Good for abandoned places, ends to adventures, prologues, and finding stuff stranded in space.
  • Pump-U-Up: A catchy electronic dance beat. Good for sports,races and Social Adventures.
  • Raj Raga: Good music for tribal places.
  • Relic Mystery: Mysterious Raj Raga.
  • Renaissance Fair: Cheery country music similar to Country Landscape in both instruments and usage.
  • Rockabilly: A upbeat tune good for sports,beaches and races.
  • Serenity: Like Calm World and Peaceful Universe. Could be a reference to the TV show Firefly and the movie Serenity.
  • Smooth City Night: Good for cities at night.
  • Space Warriors: A heart-stopping song great for war scenes,attack scenes or suspenseful scenes.
  • Spaced Out: A catchy spacey tune good for sports and races.
  • The Show: A dramatic heart-stopping piece of music good for Bosses.
  • Vaudeville: Use for Circuses or as music for a town.
  • Victory March: Great for endings of Adventures.
  • Wander:Good for mysteries, puzzles and similar brain games.
  • Wooden Flutes: African Flutes.
  • World Percussion: Tribal music.
  • Ye Olde Lute: Good for death scenes,visiting graves and Adventure Endings.

Note Edit

These FX are notes. (This section will be done tomorrow.)

Oneshot Edit

Oneshot sound FX. (This section will be done tomorrow.) Galactic Adventures

*Alarm Rave: A loud, repeating alarm. Useful for when your cover is blown.