Soothing Song's icon and tooltip

Soothing Song is the unique ability of the Bard Philosophy.


Ability Ingame Summary Effect
Soothing Song
"Use to produce a calming effect on alien races, temporarily boosting your relationship."
  • Sets the relationship value with any empire to at least zero for two minutes.


A ship using Soothing Song

This can be used for making friends with a nation you're at war with, and can be a cheaper alternative to a peace offering that's normally millions of Sporebucks. However, any empires above a relationship of two are unaffected. It shares the same icon as the Siren Song ability from Creature Stage. Firing any weapon immediately ends the effect. You could use this to get one antimatter bomb or one planet buster onto an enemy planet, but you'd then lose the effect and have to wait for it to recharge again. Leaving the planet once it is activated will still allow the device to run for its duration of two minutes, preventing the other empire from attacking your spaceship as it passes.


Ability Ship Tools Tab Cost Damage Cooldown
Soothing Song Socialization No Cost None 10 minutes from use


  • If there is an alien race that is unfriendly with you and you want to ally, this should be the first thing to use.
  • There is no use for this when you are above 0. So do not waste it on friendly empires.
  • Once you've used soothing song you could go into space and use it if you have time left on even more empires, this could save some time, although remember you only have two minutes.


  • Does not work with the Grox.