Tips and Tricks[]

  • This can be achieved by playing the Creature stage multiple times.
  • Even when it's possible to go on to the Tribal stage, it's not required. A person can still go and find other creatures within one game.
  • This achievement can be accomplished through any number of game save files (planets).
  • You do not require interacting with any other creatures whatsoever, whether that be attacking or socializing. You simply have to click a new species, and if you haven't met it before, a card of the creature will display in the top right corner of the screen. This counts as meeting the creature.
  • Your own creations (that are not the same species as the creature you are currently using) count toward the total.
  • Maxis creations do not count toward the total.
  • Meeting the same creature made by the same user in two different save game files (planets) does count toward the total.

  • Clicking on sporepedia will give the amount of creatures met. This is next to "creature stage".