Snorf is a Maxis-made cell, appearing in Cell Stage. It appears in Level 5, and is one of the last cells appearing in the stage. Snorf is also one of the last predator-sized cells appearing in the stage, like Bloato. It has many flagella and a large jet.

Strategies Edit

It can be killed via proboscis and can be continued to be sucked on even after death, as its large size gives it many juices. This is not known to be meant to be in the game. If done with a jet, your cell will become "stuck" and unable to move until attacked or killed. Thus, it is the only Epic/Predator cell that can get sucked with a proboscis (You actually can suck on other Epic Cells, you get latched on it and can't leave till your cell completes the sucking Animations, you may be able to kill the Epic if sucked on enough, though it could be a bug); as well as the only Epic/Predator cell that will run away when hit - even through it is amongst the two largest cells, and is a carnivore.


These parts can be harvested from the creature:

  • Jet


Spore 2018-01-13 10-57-11

Epic Snorf looking directly at a user-created cell.

  • Snorfs are not aggressive, they'll only attack once you get too close to its jaws.
  • The Snorf may actually be multicellular, as the Player's cell becomes multicellular after the final level of the Cell stage, the exact time that the Snorf appears.
  • Snorf is also the only Epic cell to move at a normal speed compared to the player.
  • There exists a rare glitch where a Snorf will bite your cell and you will take no damage for about five seconds. This gives you time to eat something if you're low on health, allowing you to live.
  • There is a creature in Creature Stage called Snorfling. It is a red carnivore, like the Snorf. The Snorfling could possibly be descended from the Snorf.
  • Snorf makes an "Ooree" sound when fleeing, being attacked, and hunting.
  • Sometimes an Epic Snorf will eat a predator Maa and prey Juniors come out, making it so you can have peer and prey Juniors at the same time.
  • Snorf could be a Booster further along in evolution.
  • Snorf is referred to as 'squid' in the games package files.

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