A Spoffit sneaking

Sneak up on unsuspecting creatures or evade attackers. Attacking a creature while sneaking gives a bonus to the attack.

SporeSneak.png Sneak is an ability available to creatures in the Creature Stage and Adventures in Spore Galactic Adventures, and is granted by certain feet and detail parts, or by the Stealth Helmet captain accessory.

Sneak allows the user to become camouflaged, indicated by the user going translucent while sneak is active. If sneaking creatures approach too close to another unaware entity, they will alert them and it will attempt to find the player (indicated by an orange "!" mark). If they believe they have found the player, the "!" mark will turn red and the target will make a direct path towards the player, and if they get too close, it will reveal the sneaking creature (although, this function doesn't appear in adventures of Spore Galactic Adventures). Sneaking will also end if the user attacks or socializes with another entity.

Higher levels of sneak allow the player to get closer without being spotted. Sneaking will also add a damage bonus to the player's next attack on a completely unaware target.

Parts granting Sneak[]

List of parts granting sneak
Name Type SporeSneak.png Sneak DNA.png DNA
Flagella Cell 1 15
Autojaunts Limb 2 70
Knee-matics Limb 2 70
Palmwalker Foot 2 25
Underhanded Foot 3 75
Hombrenid Foot 4 150
Sassyquatch Foot 5 250
Suctoped Foot 1 25
Sugerefoot Foot 2 75
Suctopod Foot 3 150
Suctofleur Foot 4 250
Taptoe Foot 1 25
Smoosherfoot Foot 2 75
Toely Foot 3 150
Suckerkick Foot 4 250
Skeletoes Foot 2 25
Talon Paw Foot 3 75
Heeltoe Foot 4 150
Starfoot Foot 5 250
Crushers Foot 2 25
Robokicks Foot 2 25
Marshcara Detail 1 75
Grasstachio Detail 1 25
Coverleaf Detail 2 75
Branch Deco Detail 3 150
Florsage Detail 4 250
Pool-Party Foul Detail 1 250


  • In Galactic Adventures, sneaking creatures are undetectable unless attacked or if the player uses an attack, similar to Cloaking Device.
    • Creatures with AI set to 'follow the player' are still able to do so even if the player is sneaking.
  • Sneaking can be used to approach Epic creatures without instantly alerting them, giving you easier access to the high-level parts they hoard in their territories. It is recommended to have Sprint available if you need to make a quick getaway.
  • Although sneak seems like it would be the perfect escape ability, it is not foolproof. Attempting to sneak away while surrounded by enemies will usually cause sneak to break almost instantly because it's likely to be too close and be spotted, or to be hit by an attack that's still winding up. The attackers may be thrown off guard for about a second, but they will quickly resume attacking.
    • However, if the player is far enough away from the fight, sneak will work normally, which makes sprint particularly useful for escaping fights when used in conjunction with sneak.
  • It is recommended to add any part that grants sneak to a creature advancing through the story mode, as it provides the same effect without the required captain level investment or high energy cost that the Stealth Helmet requires.
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