Skoog Screenshot

A Screenshot of Skoog in the Creature Creator

Skoog is the cute mascot of Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack. It is one of the stars of the Creepy & Cute Trailer, where it shows some of the new animations, and also appears in Creature stage. Skoog always scares Skratcher, the creepy mascot. However, Skoog and Skratcher seem to be friends, and do the Robot Dance together. This is obviously a joke based on the game's new parts, as Skratcher is obviously scarier than Skoog.

Skoog has the Tuskaloosa mouth, the Blinky eyes, the Mittenfist hand, the Footoon foot, the Flare detail and the Whiskerticker detail, which means Skoog has Level 2 Sprint, Level 4 Bite, Level 2 Charge, Level 1 Strike, Level 3 Sing, Level 1 Dance, Level 2 Charm and Level 1 Pose.



The Trailer version of Skoog

  • Despite Skoog being a "cute" creature, in the trailer it scares Skratcher and it roars fiercely.
  • Skoog appears to have two versions. When it is in the Creepy and Cute trailer, Skoog appears to be a blue color with white stripes, light blue mitten fists and 3 blue hairs while in the other version he is also blue, but with a yellow belly, yellow tiny spots on the side on the sides, 3 black hairs, yellow mitten fists and no stripes.
  • It is seen doing the Robot Dance with two other Skoogs
  • Even though it is the cute mascot, its mouth is a goofy mouth, not a cute mouth.