Singtoo is a Maxis-made creature present in Spore. It is a bipedal carnivore. It appears in 3 creature types: Creature, tribal, and civilized.

Parts & Accessories[]

It possesses Terrorpin mouth, Coygamine eyes, Elfinmagick senses, Ultrarolfer graspers, Threepaw feet, and Nurple details.

Its tribal form is cloth with Featherklit chest accessories and Spideycrest symbols.

And finally, its civilized form is cloth with Seafairy hat, Featherklit chest accessories, and Seashell Cuff shoulders.


  • It is similar to its other trilogy relatives; Singwon and Singtwee.
    • Unlike the other two, it has the "Terrorpin" mouth instead of the "D'orca" mouth.
    • And the Singtoo is the only one that has become civilized.
  • The "too" ending may be a corruption of the word "two", similarily to its relatives.