Sight icon Sight is perhaps one of the most important senses to many species. Sight helps keep species aware of what is going on around them. Predators use sight to see their prey, and the prey must see their predator to know when to run. Sight is one of the most complex senses and color vision is only known to a relatively few species.

Sight in SporeEdit

If your creature does not have sight, it will only be affected in the Cell and Creature stages. The rest of the stages will play unrestricted, and will only be aesthetic.

In both the creature and cell stage, if the graphics effects setting is on low quality, your creature or cell will still have color vision although the field of vision will remain blurred around the edges.

Originally, the game designers planned to have a varying array of eyes with different capabilities. (E.G. basic eyes having blurry vision, advanced eyes having sharp vision) However, this idea was dropped due to the fact that players might get impatient when not being able to see properly, and every eye in the final version of Spore is only different in appearance.

Cell stageEdit

In the cell stage having eyes is an advantage, not only because of colour vision, but you can see more. Without eyes, parts of the screen edges are black. But it still isn't a big challenge being sightless in the cell stage. Having color vision isn't really an advantage.

Creature StageEdit

In the creature stage, your vision is restricted, and also is very desaturated to the point of almost being grayscale, but food and creatures leave behind scent trails. They appear as colored smudges around the food or creature.

Creature Stage abilities
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