SporeSight Sight is an ability present in Spore exclusive to eyes. It is purely aesthetical and only affects the player's creature during the Cell Stage and Creature Stage while the rest of the stages will play unrestricted.

In both the creature and cell stage, if the graphics effects setting is on low quality, blind creatures or cells will still have color vision although the field of vision will remain blurred around the edges.

Originally, the game designers planned to have a varying array of eyes with different capabilities (e.g. basic eyes having blurry vision, advanced eyes having a sharper vision), however this idea was dropped since players might get frustrated when not being able to see properly, and every eye in the final version of Spore is only different in appearance.

Cell stage Edit

In the cell stage, having eyes enables color vision and allows to see further. Without eyes, parts of the screen edges are black, but the visible area is still large enough for it not to be a major hindrance.

Creature Stage Edit

In the creature stage, not having eyes greatly restricts the visible area and makes vision much more desaturated. However, food and creatures will leave behind scent trails that appear as colored smudges.

Parts granting Sight Edit

List of parts granting sight
Name Type SporeSight Sight DNA DNA
Beady Eye Cell 5
Stalk Eye Cell 5
Button Eye Cell 5
Optic Orb Sensory 10
Ocubulge Sensory 10
Eyebissed Sensory 10
Scrutineye Sensory 10
LarvEye Sensory 10
Seeodesic Sensory 10
Eyelien Sensory 10
Stemma-addict Sensory 10
Empteyes Sensory 10
Occulus Sensory 10
Wide Eyed Sensory 10
Neo-teeny Sensory 10
Coygamine Sensory 10
Grumpeye Sensory 10
Furtive Sensory 10
Evil Eye Sensory 10
Felizard Sensory 10
Wizened Sensory 10
Saurian Sensory 10
Boneye Sensory 10
Stalkgazer Sensory 10
Meanstalk Sensory 10
Periscoptic Sensory 10
Peduncledunk Sensory 10
Pinhole Sensory 10
Babybleu Sensory 10
Blinky Sensory 10
Alieyes Sensory 10
Dozer Sensory 10
Ladeye Sensory 10
Eyly Sensory 10
Hubba Hubba Sensory 10
Necrye Sensory 10
Soulless Sensory 10
Celestial Stare Sensory 10
Wareye Sensory 10
Binoculeye Sensory 10
Blinkojo Sensory 10

Creature Stage abilities
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