Ship tools are certain abilities that a player's Spaceship can perform.


There are various types of Ship Tools:

  • Ship Abilities - Basic abilities of a ship (all of them are passive, except for the abducting and dropping tools).
  • Main Tools - Mostly used to collect information about planets. Similar to Ship Tools, but more active than passive.
  • Planet Coloring - Used to change the color of any planet. There are 8 colors available; there are coloring tools for ground, water and atmosphere.
  • Planet Sculpting - Used to directly edit a planet's geography.
  • Planet Atmospheric - Used for Terraforming and Deterraforming.
  • Colonization - Tools used for colonizing planets and improving existing colonies.
  • Weapon - Tools used for destruction and creature killing.
  • Socialization Tools - Used for peaceful interactions between the player's empire and other empires or creatures.

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