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"Protects your ship from damage for a short period."

Shields are a defense mechanism. When activated, they render your ship impervious to damage, however they will shut down after the cooldown reaches around 50%. Leaving the planet with active shields turns them off.

Shield are useful when conquering other empire's home planet's because you can destroy the cities without being harmed.

  • The shield doesn't protect your allies


This tool uses your ship's energy.

This requires the Colonist 3 or the Warmonger 4 badge.


This tool can be purchased in the following locations:

Your Empire : §500,000
Trader Empire : §325,000
Warrior Empire : §250,000
Zealot Empire : §375,000


  • Shield is also one of the Bio powers in Spore Creatures. when used, it puts a blue bubble around the creature and the player becomes invincible from both physical attacks and Bio Powers