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Shamans understand that all life shares a common bond. The entire galaxy exists within us all.

- Shaman

Shaman is one of several philosophies present in the Space Stage of Spore. NPC empires with this archetype are generally peaceful in nature and have a passive personality. Shamans rarely demand tribute from the player and if they do, they generally would not resort to war if the requirements are not met. However, in some cases, Shamans can declare war on other empires without warning. Shamans start out with a neutral relationship to other alien races so they are easy to ally with once the game progresses.

Unique PowerEdit

The Shaman acquire the Return Ticket unique ability. Return Ticket can be used to instantly return to your home system from anywhere in the galaxy. This ability is extremely useful especially when your home-planet is being raided by pirates or when you must locate the Grox and then report back to mission control on your home planet.

Gaining The ArchetypeEdit

Through Evolution

The Shaman archetype is awarded to species that gain a majority of green cards (one non-green card out of 4 is still allowed). Also, this archetype is given to those who start the game from the creature stage, gain one card of every color and end the civilization stage as a religious nation. It is possible to become a Shaman even if you are carnivorous in cell stage. You must play as socially as possible in the following stages to make up for it (it may be easier to quickly change the mouth to a herbivore mouth, but it is by no means impossible to do so as a carnivore, though harder).

The recommended path is green green green blue.

  • Cell: Discount on all social tools
  • Creature: Pleasing Performance makes all of your colonies happy and reduces the likelihood of revolt
  • Tribal: Gracious Greeting Boost Relationship Points
  • Civilization: More spice production

Another one is green red green green, red for Prime Specimen.

  • Cell: Discount on all social tools
  • Creature: Prime Specimen Gives more health
  • Tribal: Gracious Greeting Boost Relationship Points
  • Civilization: Having a reduced chance of Eco Disaster
Behavior in the Cell Stage Behavior in the Creature Stage Behavior in the Tribal Stage Behavior in the Civilization Stage Resulting archetype
Herbivore Social Friendly Religious Shaman
Herbivore Social Friendly Economic Shaman
Herbivore Social Friendly Military Shaman
Herbivore Social Industrious Religious Shaman
Herbivore Social Aggressive Religious Shaman
Herbivore Adaptable Friendly Religious Shaman
Herbivore Predator Friendly Religious Shaman
Omnivore Social Friendly Religious Shaman
Carnivore Social Friendly Religious Shaman
Skipped Social Friendly Religious Shaman
Skipped Adaptable Aggressive Religious Shaman
Skipped Predator Industrious Religious Shaman
Skipped Skipped Friendly Religious Shaman
Skipped Skipped Skipped Religious Shaman

Through MissionEdit

First you must ally with an empire following this philosophy with a strength factor of 4 or 5, then you may request to become 'like' them from the mission interface. After paying §2,500,000, the mission given is to paint or sculpt 150 planets (Note: the in-game text just says to use the tools 150 times, but multiple uses on the same planet don't count). Upon completion return to claim your reward and you will change your philosophy and associated archetype, losing your old superpower and gaining the Shaman's Return Ticket power.

Note also that you may not use planet sculpting or painting tools 150 times and then automatically complete the mission upon its acceptance. You must accept and pay for the mission first, then use planet sculpting or painting tools 150 times.

An easy way to do this is not all at once, but when you go on a new planet, just use a sculpt or paint tool. Be careful not to use them on Empire-owned planets, because it may hurt their relation to you, and in rare cases, even lead to War.


"We, the Shaman Empire are Philosophers of Harmony. Those who Harmonize with us have found inner stillness where it begins: At home.

In addition to discovering our inner beauty, practicing Harmony grants the universal power of the Return Ticket. From all points in the Universe, those in Harmony can instantly teleport back home."

"Wise traveler. Learn all that you can, for there any many different true answers for life's questions. The beings for the Shaman Empire follow the Philosophy of Harmony. As such, we know that every species must find its own truth. For the followers of Harmony, our touchstone is home. With our gift, we are able to teleport to our homeworld to reconnect with our terraself."

As stated above, the Shaman's special ability is the Return Ticket that when activated, will "teleport oneself to their home" from all points in the Universe.


Shaman empires tend to sell peaceful, terraforming tools for cheaper than can be purchased at your own empire.


Scrolls of HarmonyEdit

Main article: Scrolls of Harmony

Science is all well and good, but all it does is tell us about the universe. It tells us how this atom bounces off of that atom, and how to measure this effect or that, and how heat moves around.

Science doesn't tell you any of the things you really want to know, like what the point of your whole existence might be, or whether some part of you will survive after death, or the meaning of good and evil. Science doesn't provide meaning.

Science tells us about the universe, but it doesn't tell us how to transcend the universe.

You can only answer the real question through spiritual exercise.

Because each individual is different, there is no one way that will work for all.

There is one mountain, but many paths.

You may choose any Way that you desire, but make certain that you choose a Way.

The Grox are a soulless race of killing machines. They oppose the Life Force in every way! They are incapable of enlightenment or transcendence.

It is not known who or what created the Grox, or why.

Some of our peers say that all answers are to be found at the center of the galaxy, but the Grox will not permit anyone to approach


Shaman comm backgrounds

Shaman's communication background. Color depends on creature's coat color. Creature is lit with soft white light.

The shamans talk about meditation and spiritual exercise, and that there are many ways to spiritually exercise. They also talk about enlightenment, which could be contacting Steve. The shamans also mention a God that will Come, which is also mentioned by the zealots as The False God that will Come, which could mean the shamans and zealots are at conflict. There is mention of other things also, mentioned in missions, such as The Great Waters and Ancient Evil.

Shaman empires sometimes ask you to deliver goods to the 'Teachers Who Are Still Loitering Around', showing they have working relationship with them; and might be as religious organization of some sorts.


By the way shamans are refered to, they could be a Chiefdom or Shamanism, led by a Chief or Shaman.

Galactic AdventuresEdit

Shaman Tools

Tools used by Shaman in Galactic Adventures.

Ranks Edit

  1. - Gatherer
  2. - Harvester
  3. - Hunter
  4. - Face-Painter
  5. - Dress-Weaver
  6. - Staff-Maker
  7. - Fire Lighter
  8. - Ceremonial Dress Weaver
  9. - Dreamcatcher Stitcher
  10. - Spiritmaster

Campaign AdventureEdit

The Shaman campaign adventure is The Spirits are Restless, in which your captain goes on a journey to save a small village from vicious creatures known as Shabbols.

Captain AccessoriesEdit

  • Toxic Crystal - Similar to the Bladed Knuckles, but doesn't require energy to use and cannot be upgraded. The initial attack is quite weak, but targets may lose a great deal of health from the poison effect it causes. Replaces bite, and goes inactive if Bladed Knuckles are equipped.
  • Swarm Magnet - Summons a swarm of insects to chase the target away. The insects also do damage over time. Similar to the Bee animation in the Creepy and Cute test drive, another Spore Expansion pack. Replaces spit (like the Plasma Pulser) but requires no energy to use and has a long start-up animation. Goes inactive if Plasma Pulser is equipped.
  • Icy Band - Freezes the target for a period of time. Requires no energy and cannot be upgraded. Replaces Strike, and goes inactive if Lightning Strike is equipped.
  • Mind Meld - Temporarily brainwashes an enemy and makes them your ally. Requires no energy and cannot be upgraded. Replaces charge, and goes inactive if Missile Flinger is equipped. There is currently a bug to make enemies a permanent ally.