The Sea Monster is an aquatic, legless and giant hazard creature that always lives on the player's homeworld. It is encountered in the Creature Stage and Tribal Stage of Spore.

Stage appearances[]

Creature Stage[]

The Sea Monster devours a creature.

The Sea Monster appears on the water's deepest territories (the dark spots shown in map). If the player's creature swims or flies further from the surface, a cut scene will play showing the Sea Monster devouring the player's creature. The Sea Monster can't be dodged by swimming away, even flying in highest heights. Sea Monster is incapable of killing pack members or any Spore creatures besides the player's creature.

Tribal Stage[]

When the player uses the Flying Fish consequence ability, the chieftain will start playing the cornet, and the Sea Monster will appear. It will then jump, sending a lot of fish onto the shores to the player's tribe. Afterwards, the Sea Monster and the chieftain will wave happily to each other. The Sea Monster will then go back into the sea.


  • In the Creature Stage, sometimes the player's nest may spawn in the water, making it so that when the player's creature comes on land, the Sea Monster comes out of the ground and eats it. This makes it impossible to move forward in the game.
  • The Sea Monster will flip their body if the epic creature has thrown the player after chomping it, and fly to the deepest sea. To accomplish that, the player must find the epic that can hold the creature, lure them next to the beach, then make sure they will prepare to grab the creature, chomp them, and throw them through the sea. However, the player's creature must have Glide ability (5 level is recommended), and be at the right position of the sea in order to throw directly to the deep sea, so it will potentially devour the creature. Doing all of these steps will play the cutscene showing the Sea Monster devouring it, but will hop in the opposite position.
  • It is possible to get past the sea monster by traveling at high enough speeds. This allows you to set your nest on the other continents.


  • The Sea Monster could represent the various marine reptiles of prehistoric Earth, such as plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, and mosasaurs.
  • Unlike all the other creatures, the Sea Monster can not be killed.
  • Like the Hyper Epic, the Sea Monster is far larger than normal epic creatures.
  • It is very similar to Battered Feesh, but doesn't have any weapons and has a stranger tail. It only appears in the Creature Stage and the Tribal Stage.
  • The Sea Monster shows up no matter how far up you are from the ocean.

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