Scrolls of Order are a set of rares that can be found throughout the Spore galaxy. Like all other sets of rares and artifacts, they are randomly scattered, meaning that there is generally no way of knowing or predicting where they will end up in any specific game.

Diplomats across the galaxy follow the words of these great and ancient scrolls and as such they will pay double the price listed. The combined value of the Scrolls of Order is $450,000. However, if you have all of them in your cargo hold at the same time, the set will sell for $4,500,000 instead. When you meet a Wanderer Empire, it partially follows the Scrolls of Order.

Scroll of Order Vol. 1[]

We have made every imaginable mistake. We've fought unnecessary wars, we've abused the environment, we've squandered resources, and furthermore we've wasted a lot of time discussing what to do about all these problems.

- Scroll of Order vol. 1

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Order Vol. 2[]

We would like to think we have learned from all our mistakes. And what we have learned is this: Every sentient being matters.

- Scroll of Order vol. 2

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Order Vol. 3[]

3rd Scroll.

Collector's Icon.

Because every sentient being matters, it is incumbent on us to provide every sentient being with peace, security, opportunity, health, and education.

- Scroll of Order vol. 3

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Order Vol. 4[]

4th Scroll.

Collector's Icon.

Because every sentient being matters, we provide every with a voice. Each is allowed to express opinions and participate in government as they see fit.

- Scroll of Order Vol. 4

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Order Vol. 5[]

We are a representative democracy, with sovereignty placed in an elected council. The process of government is slow and sometimes inefficient, but we can be certain that each act of government is supported by a majority of our citizens.

- Scroll of Order Vol. 5

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Order Vol. 6[]

A functioning democracy acts to prevent civil war. Those who lose an election do not raise a rebellion, instead they just prepare for the next election.

- Scroll of Order Vol. 6

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Order Vol. 7[]

7th Scroll.

Collector's Icon.

As for meaning, the Grand Council takes no position on matters of theology, and we permit each citizen to discover its own purpose, as long as the rights of other citizens are not violated.

- Scroll of Order Vol. 7

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Order Vol. 8[]

Those other species willing to abide by these principles are welcome to join us in our efforts to provide peace and security to the galaxy.

- Scroll of Order Vol. 8

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Order Vol. 9[]

The Grox are a machine race that have blockaded the center of the galaxy. They are extremely dangerous. We have not managed to establish a working relationship with them.

- Scroll of Order Vol. 9

Value: $45,000

Scroll of Order Vol. 10[]

10th Scroll.

It is widely believed that the Grox are guarding some form of treasure at the center of the galaxy. There is no evidence for this, but we cannot discount the possibility.

- Scroll of Order Vol. 10

Note: This is referring to Steve, who gives you the Staff of Life when you reach the center of the galaxy.

Value: $45,000

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