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The Screeble was Will Wright's main creature for E3 2006. Its home planet is Bilzac. It started out as a bright yellow centauroid with claws attached to its arms, but later it evolved an extra set of arms with hands, it replaced its stealthy suction feet with faster tridigital hooves, it developed more intimidating eyes, and changed from bright yellow into a dark blue creature with scales.

Later on, in the Space Stage of the game, they met a colony of the bipedal Greevils. The Screebles' first reaction was to fire some fireworks, which enthralled the Greevils to the point of worshiping them. Taking another risk, the Screebles decided to abduct a Greevil, but they accidentally dropped it, killing it. That turned the Greevils against the Screebles. After the Screeble UFO won the battle, it was contacted by the Greevils, informing the UFO that the city they had just attacked was a colony and that they were going to attack the Screeble home planet. The UFO apologized and admitted it was an accident, but a transmission arrived from the Screeble homeworld informing the UFO of an attack. The UFO rushed back to its home planet. What happened after that is unclear.

The Screebles also appeared in another demonstration, where they evolved into strange, blue-green birdlike creatures with a beak on their arched tail and a single eye at the front of their torso. This was made to demonstrate the fact that creatures do not need to evolve similarly to Earth-life.

The original yellow version of the Screeble is in the final version of Spore as a default creature. However, there are many notable differences between it and the original, such as it having a different shade of yellow, horns instead of antennae and a more "angry" stare (this is because the eyes are actually flipped sideways, so the eyebrows are facing the opposite direction).


  • According to the rare Screeble's Column, the Screeble civilization is now extinct, but was arguably the greatest civilization in the universe.