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Scientist's communication backgrounds. Lights' color depends on creature's coat color.

Scientists are logical and calculating. The galaxy exists to be studied and understood.

- In-game description

Scientists are one of ten archetypes found in Spore. NPC scientists are generally passive in personality and will sometimes demand tribute as the game progresses. Interestingly, Scientists in the game are suited for military combat but rarely attack other civilizations. They start out with a neutral relationship to other empires and generally do not attack unless they are provoked. Their voice is chopped, monotone and computer-like, which could be a reference to Stephen Hawking.

Scientist Unique Power[]

The Scientist acquires the Gravitation Wave unique ability. Gravitation Wave can be used to destroy all tribes or cities on a planet, but breaks the Galactic Code. Note: If you are in the Tribal Stage or Civilization Stage, Scientists in the Space Stage won't use it on your planet.

Gaining The Scientist Archetype[]

Through Evolution[]

The Scientist archetype is awarded to species that gain an equal number of red and blue cards if the game is started from the cell or tribal stages, or two red and one blue/two blue and one red if the game is started from the creature stage.

The Recommended Path is red red blue blue.

  • Cell - Power Monger so your spaceship has extra energy
  • Creature - Prime Specimen to have more health
  • Tribe - Colony Craze for discounted tools
  • Civilization - Spice Savant so you have more spice from your cities
Behavior in the Cell Stage Behavior in the Creature Stage Behavior in the Tribal Stage Behavior in the Civilization Stage Resulting archetype
Omnivore Adaptable Aggressive Military Scientist
Omnivore Predator Industrious Military Scientist
Omnivore Predator Aggressive Economic Scientist
Carnivore Adaptable Industrious Military Scientist
Carnivore Adaptable Aggressive Economic Scientist
Carnivore Predator Industrious Economic Scientist
Skipped Adaptable Industrious Military Scientist
Skipped Adaptable Aggressive Economic Scientist
Skipped Adaptable Aggressive Military Scientist
Skipped Predator Industrious Economic Scientist
Skipped Predator Industrious Military Scientist
Skipped Predator Aggressive Economic Scientist
Skipped Skipped Industrious Military Scientist
Skipped Skipped Aggressive Economic Scientist

Through Mission[]

First you must ally with an empire following this philosophy with a strength factor of 4 or 5, then you may request to become 'like' them from the mission interface. After paying §5,000,000, the mission given is to explore 20 non-planetary systems. Upon completion return to claim your reward and you will change your philosophy and associated archetype, losing your old superpower and gaining the Scientist's Gravitation Wave power.

Note: you may not explore 20 non-planetary systems and then automatically complete the mission upon its acceptance. You must accept and pay for the mission first, THEN explore 20 non-planetary systems.

Scientist's Philosophy[]

"We the Scientist Empire follow the Books of Science."

"It is our duty to study, dissect and examine the universe around us. We seek knowledge and it is our fervent belief that every question can be answered with research, systematic categorization, dedication and logic. Knowledge is our fuel and there is no higher calling than learning. Those who try to prevent us from our scholarship do so at their own peril."

As stated above by the Scientists, they will, without doubt, battle against anyone who dares to disturb them. Despite this, the Scientist Empires are basically neutral to begin with.

In the 8th Book of Science, the Grox are called an "experiment". This could possibly mean that the original Scientist space civilization created the Grox, or it could be referring to the cybernetic implants the Grox have.


Scientists sell many useful items for terraforming and exploration at lower prices than normal.

Galactic Adventures[]

Scientific Tools in Galactic Adventures.


  1. - Intern
  2. - Technician
  3. - Researcher
  4. - Engineer
  5. - Inventor
  6. - Professor
  7. - Doctor
  8. - Scholar
  9. - Theorist
  10. - Genius

Galactic Adventure Campaign[]

The Scientist campaign is TX-5000 Super Weapon, where the player must destroy the titular weapon.

Captain Accessories[]

  • Compact Generator - Restores some energy over time. Faster energy recovery than normal.
  • Compact Battery - Increases maximum energy capacity.
  • Power Generator - Restores a great deal of energy over time. Resembles a helmet. Faster energy recovery than with Compact Generator.
  • Power Battery - Greatly increases maximum energy capacity.

Accessory Titles[]

After unlocking all four accessories of a single class, your captain is given a secondary title. These titles vary depending on what accessory you have equipped and are prioritized accordingly. The following sub titles come with the Scientist accessory line:

  • "The Silent" (Compact Generator)
  • "The Tenacious" (Compact Battery)
  • "The Logical" (Power Generator)
  • "The Intelligent" (Power Battery)