SETI's icon

"Automatically detects intelligent life in other star systems. Look for the radio lines in the galactic view."

The SETI Device has detected alien life around this star. Note the radio waves emitting from the star at the top of the picture.

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (acronymated as SETI) is a device found in all spacecraft. It is given to you for free in the first few required missions of the Space stage, where it is used to locate contactable space races. Upon leaving your star system, the device is used by hovering your mouse cursor over surrounding Star systems (the stars surrounding your ship).

If the device detects another space-faring civilization around that star, you will see blue radio waves emitting from the star and hear garbled transmissions from it. If you fly in closer and enter the star system, you will find another alien race on one or more of the planets in that system.

The SETI Device is a passive ability, meaning you will not see it in any of your tools tabs.

Range: 20 Parsecs


This tool is available at the beginning of the game.