The Ruined Planet is a planet that orbits a star nearby to the player's home Star. The planet has no spice geysers and so cannot be colonized manually.

Once the player has entered the planet, a radar detects the ruins. The player must scan it to complete the mission and return with results. Once it is scanned, the communication panel opens. Although the empire name may vary, it always believes that the player is the Grox. Security drones will attack the player, and the player can either fight back or escape.

Notes Edit

  • Although it never has spice geysers, it will still produce spice if it is colonized, either by a computer-controlled empire or by use of a Monolith. It can then be bought using a trade route.
    • If the planet is colonized, it will produce spice based on it's orbit and parent star, i.e. a red dwarf with a green orbit will produce red spice, a green orbit around a yellow star will typically produce yellow spice, etc. See the chart here for more examples.
  • It is a good place to set up a Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • While the player cannot colonize it, it can sometimes advance into the Tribal Stage if left alone long enough. If the sapient species advances any further, it will be impossible to colonize the planet except by the use of a Monolith. The wreckage conceals the cities and it is unknown if this is a glitch. Some players have found that it sometimes advances to space stage.
  • The species name is random on all games, as are the security drones.
  • If you meet with the Grox before going on the planet, they will appear allied, they will still attack you though
  • When you end the transmission, your species can be seen in the image panel of the communication. As there are temples and religious statues on your homeworld, this may be another example of an ancient civilization from your homeworld.
  • There are three destroyed cities on the planet.
  • Unlike the similar planet orbiting your Home Star, the Ruined Planet is sometimes a moon.


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