A Rocky Planet, a meteor shower can be seen pummeling the surface.

In the Galaxy, you will come across planets known as rocky planets. Rocky planets are planets which are primarily devoid of an atmosphere, but have a temperature which is neither too hot nor too cold. For lacking an atmosphere, rocky planets usually have no water on the surface (although occasionally there is small bodies of water), but tend to feature landmasses with vibrant colors. They are found on green orbits, being more easy to terraform than lava or ice planets, as one Atmosphere Generator is enough to achieve a T-1 score on the planet.

In one of your Homeworld's mission, you are sent to a Rocky Planet to colonize. If you later choose to terraform, your empire will send you to that planet to terraform.


Threats Minor Damage Medium Damage Major Damage
Meteor Showers X O X
Rock Geysers O O X

Meteor Showers[]

Many meteors will fall from the sky and hit the planet after breaking into many pieces. They mainly appear when the player is increasing the atmosphere. They also usually fall when the player stays in one place for too long.

Rock Geysers[]

A fast geyser that can randomly appear on the planet, doing damage to the player's ship.


  • Even though there is no water or atmosphere on these planets, If you use any of the terrasculpting water tools, water appears.
  • Rocky planets sometimes resemble Mars