Reproduction (aka Mating) is a function in Creature stage of Spore.

Life cycle[]


Eggs are laid by mating in the Creature stage and the Cell stage. Player requires to go nearby to nest and look for the creature following while attracted. Clicking on attracted creature will let player's creature court. If there's no any love interest, using Mating call will help. When creatures mate or otherwise reproduce in order to enter the creature editor, they lay an egg. After mating, the egg is laid. The creature editor will be entered.

The Tribal stage also has eggs, those that are laid by pets as food, and also produced from the tribal hut.


Main article: Baby Creature

Scattered around various nests during the Creature Stage are babies, which are younger versions of regular creatures, babies are very weak, and are entirely harmless and they often flee away whose killed its followed species. Babies are more easier to socialize rather than adult creatures, although they may often call its species for help.

During the Tribal Stage, producing a baby requires 10 foods to produce. Clicking on the "Add Baby" button over the Tribal Hut with options is moused over will create an egg that will roll out from the entrance to the hut, and a baby will hatch. Babies cannot be controlled, other than adult, and remain within the village, for some moment of time, they will enter the adulthood.


  • Babies are very vulnerable to attacks from wild animals and other Tribes, and it is highly recommended that you leave a member of your Tribe alone to protect the baby or befriend a several powerful pets, which will defend the tribe.

Creatures courting.

A parent teaching it's baby.

A creature laying an egg.