Repair Mega Pack's icon

"Instantly restores your spaceship to pristine condition."

Using this item will restore your spaceship's health back to full. They're useful to negotiate with the Grox, but many are required, as not even 10 of them are enough. However, Repair Mega Packs are easy to collect, as you will have a relatively large empire, with each planet selling 5. Repair Mega Packs are best used when the Spaceship only has a small amount of health, to regenerate the maximum amount of health.


This tool uses purchased ammunition.

This requires the Missionista 4 or the Trader (badge) 4 badge.


This tool can be purchased in the following locations:

Your Empire : §20,000
Bard Empire : §10,000
Knight Empire : §10,000
Shaman Empire : §10,000
Warrior Empire : §10,000
Zealot Empire : §10,000