Religious Card

The Religious card awarded to species.

"Religious civilizations harness the power of words and ideas to convert other nations to their way of thinking."

Religious Consequence AbilitiesEdit

Space stage

Green Keeper: "This ability decreases the rate of biodisasters on all your colonies."

Gaining The Religious Trait

The religious trait is gained by converting cities using Religious Vehicles. Despite the fact that Zealot Trait cards have a Religious "eye" on them, being a Religious civilization is not required in order to gain the card. While Religious nations are able to fight and conquer fine on their own, being a Carnivorous cell and Predatory creature will help - Mighty Bomb (gained from Creature Stage) is useful for defence, and Invulnerablity (gained from Cell Stage) is helpful for protecting vehicles.

For those looking to become Shamans, being "Red" as a trait is fine once, so Invulnerability, Mighty Bomb, or Gadget Bomb can be gained. Be warned, however, that usage of the latter Superweapon causes a -90 relation modifier with all other nations - and if used on a city, it captures the city with Military force - which may dilute your goals. Religious Nations can be backed by use of Economic vehicles, as many nations are less hostile towards Religious nations - they are far less destructive - than Military ones. If you own an Economic city, trading with any allies that are reachable is a boost to your funds, as Religious vehicles are easily destroyed - not so much by combat itself, but by angry citizens - and must be frequently replaced. Military vehicles can help defend you and your allies, as they deal more damage than Religious ones, but they should not be used to conquer cities if your goal is to be Religious.