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When interacting with other space-faring creatures or nations during the Space stage or Civilization stage, the player will have a dynamic relationship with them, indicated by various faces (pictured above). From a scale from Red (hostile), to Orange (annoyed) to Yellow (neutral) to Blue (friendly) to Green (allied). The rating on this scale may by based on certain actions or even simply by the player's choices in previous stages.

You can get any of the following modifiers up to a given maximum, meaning when you are at the maximum modifier for it then the relation will not improve or worsen even if you continue repeating it.

Most relation modifiers will return to default over time, so the player will have to keep active for some of them to keep them up. Only a few are static and will remain over time, like the space-stage bonus for using a Monolith on a civilization.

All modifiers from the different groups are then added up and the resulting value is your total relation bonus to them. Note that Wanderers in space act like Diplomats, and Knights act like Warriors when talking to them, and when applying relation bonuses.

Creature StageEdit

Positive Relations Modifiers Edit

  • You impressed us. Gained by using Sing, Dance, Charm, or Pose.
  • Your home nest(s). Technically, this isn't a modifier, because it's always green no matter what.

Negative Relations Modifiers Edit

  • You attacked us. If you kill a regular or Alpha member of a species' nest, it reverts to either the orange scared face or the orange angry face.
  • You killed a baby or destroyed enough members of our nest. This automatically reverts to red, and like any other way that a nest is unhappy with you, cannot be reversed. If you destroy an egg of the species they will also become permanently aggressive, unless you use Siren Song.
  • We just don't like you. Sometimes the face of a nest that you just encountered is of red or orange color.  If you are in the "red zone", try avoiding that nest.  If you are at the orange level, either kill them, ignore them, or try to make friends with them (before they try to kill your pack.). Or, use Siren Song if you have it to calm them down and befriend them.
  • Epic. Sometimes the Epic is scared of you, neutral to you, or just on its regular rampage.  You cannot change the Epic's feelings about you in any way, shape or form, besides killing it or, if there is a normal or rogue sized creature of the same kind as an epic, you can make friends with it and the epic will be friendly, but you cannot add it to your pack.

Note: There is a very rare glitch that can occur by befriending a regular or rogue version before you meet the epic version. The epic will not follow you and will be glued to the spot though if you meet the epic and then meet the sub-species normal or rouge that species will be Irreversibly hostile.

Tribal StageEdit

Positive Relationship Bonuses Edit

  • You gave them a gift. By giving another tribe a gift, it will automatically make that tribe neutral towards you (yellow-face). This method is entirely safe and works on every tribe.
  • You sang/played music for the tribe.  This can only be done when the tribe is at least ambivalent of your existence.
  • You used the Fireworks consequence ability. This will automatically revert to the blue face with the tribe that it is used on. This ability is only available if you had the "Social" trait in the Creature Stage.

Negative Relationship Bonuses Edit

  • You attacked a tribe member. Instantly brings down the relationship one face.
  • You attacked or are attacking their main hut. Brings down the relations to a red, angry face until you destroy the main hut or give them a gift again.
  • You refused to visit/impress the tribe. Brings down the neutral relations to an orange face, if you do not visit soon, the tribe may get a red face relation.
  • Another tribe has appeared on the map. Brings down a few tribe relations to the orange or red face. Gifts could solve this.
  • You stole from us. Stealing food from a tribe can lower your relationship with them. Do it enough, and they will get the red face. Gifts and fireworks can fix this.

Note: Unlike in the creature stage, you can easily bring your relations to an alliance from a red face in the space of minutes or vice versa.  Also note that you are able to ruin an alliance via firebombs.

Civilization stageEdit

Positive Relation ModifiersEdit

  • You're a Religious/Economic/Military Nation: Up to +30. Some nations inherently like your nation type. Common with economic nations.
  • You fought our enemy: Up to +70. A useful modifier. Gained when you attack an enemy of another nation.
  • Your Gifts: Up to +120. Earned by giving gifts to other nations.
  • Your Compliments: +10. Earned by giving a compliment to a nation.
  • You were generous: Up to +50. Earned by giving a great deal on a city when buying it.
  • You assisted us: +60. Earned by going ahead and agreeing to attack a nation when they asked without asking for money.

Negative Relation ModifiersEdit

  • You're a Religious/Economic/Military Nation: Up to -30. Some nations inherently dislike like your nation type. Common with military nations against other military nations.
  • Your Religion: Up to -50. Earned by attacking religiously.
  • You attacked us: Up to -90. Earned by attacking militarily or using a bomb-like super weapon.
  • You were cheap: Up to -50. Earned by giving a bad deal on a city when buying it.
  • You broke a deal: Up to -30. Earned by stopping a trade route.
  • Your insults: Up to -30. Earned if you insult a nation.
  • Your Nation is too big: Up to -100. Earned when you have a large nation compared to theirs.
  • Your borders are too close: Up to -100. Earned if the complaining nation is not allied and your borders are touching theirs.
  • Used Nuclear Weapons: Up to -100. Earned by using the Gadget Bomb or the ICBM.
  • You declared war: -70. Earned when you consent to your allies to attack a nation or agree to declare war on them when another nation asks you to.
  • You denied us: -30. Earned when you decline a bribe request.
  • Took over our spice derrick: Up to -50. Earned by taking over a spice derrick that belongs to another nation.
  • You are a threat to us: Up to -80. Gained when another considers you a threat. Note that regardless of your actions, a nation still may consider your nation to be a threat to them. This can also result from an enemy calling another nation to declare war on you. This modifier alone can cost you a Diplomatic Takeover, especially if the last remaining nation has this modifier.

Space stageEdit

Positive Relation ModifiersEdit

  • Helping our planet: Up to +100. Gained for raising the T-score value of a planet.
  • You completed missions: Up to +100. Gained by completing missions for that empire.
  • Your gifts: Up to +50. Gained by giving gifts to that empire.
  • We created an alliance: Up to +50. Gained by signing an alliance.
  • You uplifted us: +50. Gained for uplifting a race from that was previously in tribal or civilization stage to space stage via the use of a Monolith.
  • Using friendly tools: Up to +50. Gained for using the Happy Ray or Fireworks on a city of the creature.
  • Your embassy: Up to +50. Gained by placing an embassy on the planet.
  • A generous peace offering: Up to +50. Gained by offering more than you would have to, to sign a peace agreement with a race.
  • Our Trade Route: Up to +30 or +40. (Depending on the beliefs of the creature you have a trade route with.) Gained by signing a trade route and keeping it up over time.
  • You were generous: Up to +44. Gained by buying planets from the creature for more than they are worth
  • We like new acquaintances: +30. Gained if the creature you meet follows Prosperity or Order. (Trader and Diplomat/Wanderer, respectively.)
  • We value your friendship: Up to +100. Gained when the creature gives you a gift.
  • Your trading: Up to +15 (+20 with Traders). Gained for trading items in the trading window. you can sell, then re-buy the same items to max out this modifier quickly.
  • You agreed to help Us: Up to +10. Gained for accepting the first mission a creature offers.
  • Gracious Greeter Superpower: +10. Gained for choosing the green friendly path in the tribe phase.
  • We think alike: +10. Gained when you and the target creature share the same belief. (Does not affect alien species with Warrior archetype.)
  • You introduced yourself: +10. Gained for introducing yourself using the first two options upon first contact.

Negative Relation ModifiersEdit

  • Broke Galactic Code: Up to -200 (Up to -30 for saved games). Gained by breaking the Galactic Code. (Using Planet Buster, Fanatical Frenzy, or Gravitation Wave.)
  • Allied with Grox: Up to -200. Gained by creating an alliance with the Grox, this is instant and affects all other races, including races already contacted, races that are contacted in the future, and races you uplift after allying with the Grox.
  • You broke our alliance: Up to -200. Gained by creating an alliance, then severing it. (First, it will go down -125, then -200 for the second time.)
  • Destroying our buildings: Up to -100. Gained by destroying other empire's buildings.
  • Destroying our spaceships: Up to -100. Gained for destroying empire's spaceships.
  • Captured one of our systems: Up to -100. Gained when you capture or destroy another empire's system using hostile actions.
  • Using harmful tools: Up to -100. Gained for shooting another empire's city with harmful tools. (Most tools under the weapons, and planet sculpting/coloring tools are considered 'harmful tools'.)
  • Hurting our planet: Up to -100. Gained for negative Terraforming, or for failing to prevent an Eco Disaster.
  • You refused to pay us tribute: Up to -100. Gained for failing to pay tribute when creature demands it.
  • Flooded our cities: Up to -100. Gained for using a water based terraforming tool inside an empire's city.
  • Scaring our citizens: Up to -100. Gained when shooting at citizens, or placing crops circles.
  • Causing extinction: Up to -75. Gained for terraforming an empire's planet to T-0, or failing to prevent an Eco Disaster.
  • War: -50. Gained when another creature declares war on you.
  • You failed missions: Up to -50. Gained for failing their missions, not helping them when they are attacked, or failing to prevent an Eco Disaster.
  • Abducted our citizens: Up to -50. Gained for abducting an empire's citizens.
  • We were at war: Up to -33. Gained when you accept an empire's peace treaty. This bonus diminishes rather quickly.
  • We distrust strangers: -15 or -30. Gained if the creature you meet follows Force or Faith. (Warrior/Knight, and Zealot respectively.) If you meet Grox, you will gain -70 with this bonus.
  • Stole our resources: Up to -30. Gained for taking objects like spice crates or artifacts from the creature's planet. (If you drop a artifact that was in your cargo hold prior to traveling to an empire's planet and pick said artifact back up, it will count as 'stole our resources'.)
  • You rejected missions: Varies. Gained when you decline to do a mission when it is offered to you.
  • You introduced yourself: -10. Gained for introducing yourself using the third option upon first contact.
  • You avoided contact: -15. When you ignore the hails of the creature or pass over their territory without contacting them.
  • You were cheap: Varies. Occurs when you make too low of an offer for buying the system after a trade route was full. To stop this from happening, save before you try to purchase the system. If you make an insufficient offer you can reload and try again.
  • Failed to protect allied ships: Varies. occurs when ships in your fleet are destroyed
  • Your presence disturbs us: -10. Warrior empires inherently will have this bonus towards other warriors. Shamans will also have this bonus if they are hostile to you prior to first contact. This bonus diminishes quickly.

Positive relation modifiers for the GroxEdit

  • Broke Galactic Code: Caps at +50
  • You completed missions: Caps at +50
  • Using friendly tools: Caps at +30
  • Our Trade routes: Caps at +30
  • Created an alliance: Caps at +30
  • Your gifts: Caps at +10
  • Your embassy: Caps at +10
  • Gracious greeting superpower: Caps at +10 (Only if the player gained a green card during tribal stage)
  • You agreed to help us: Caps at +5
  • Soothing Song: Caps at +4 (maybe ?)

Maximum positive relation: +145

Negative relation modifiers for the GroxEdit

  • Captured one of our systems: Caps at -200
  • Helping our planet: Caps at -200
  • Hurting our planet: Caps at -200 (Obtained by leaving the planet after applying several terraforming tools but before it reaches T1, then wait until it drop back to T0.)
  • Destroying our buildings: Caps at -100
  • Using harmful tools: Caps at -100
  • Stole our resources: Caps at -100
  • Destroying our spaceships: Caps at -100
  • Scaring our citizens: Caps at -100
  • We distrust strangers: Caps at -70
  • Abducted our citizens: Caps at -30
  • You were cheap: Caps at -60

Maximum negative relation: -1200

Relation Bonus ResetEdit

There are but a few ways to completely reset the Relation Bonus back to initial values.

  • Ending a war by signing a peace treaty, the one you buy from your opponent empire for cash.
  • Soothing Song, the unique ability of the Bard. For a short period of time this ability artificially changes a relationship score to zero. It does not remove relationship modifiers. After Soothing Song expires the relationship score will change to what it was before plus whatever changes made by the player during the time Soothing Song was active.

Ending it by signing a peace treaty will remove any and all positive and negative bonuses apart from the ones that are natural for the race, like 'We distrust strangers'. Even 'Allied with Grox', 'Breaking the Galactic Code'. Anything else is forgiven.


Based on your relation you can have hostilities or war, set up a trade route (blue face) an alliance (green face). Also the price to repair and recharge is based on relation. N.B. The trade prices are unaffected however.


Relation with The Grox is different from all other races and you will receive lesser or even reversed relation bonuses with them, such as the reversed "Broke Galactic Code" and "Helping our Planet" Bonuses.

Trivia Edit

  • When you use a Planet Buster, Fanatical Frenzy, or Gravitation Wave, any saved game empires will plummet their relation with you by -30 for Breaking the Galactic Code.

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