The Regen-Deflector is a captain part in Spore Galactic Adventures. It is the 4th and final part unlocked at the end of the row of Zealot parts, after the first three parts in the row. It has a complexity cost of 3. It resembles a round gold-trimmed helmet or shoulder pad, and emits blue energy pulses when its wearer is hit.

It grants the Energy Absorption ability, reducing incoming damage by 11% (.89 damage multiplier) and giving energy upon taking damage. As the wearer's energy becomes lower and lower, the Regen-Deflector feeds back larger and larger quantities of energy. When paired with the Protecto-Shell, the damage reduction increases to 33% (.67 damage multiplier). When paired with both the Protecto-Shell and Danger Reductor, the damage reduction reaches 66% (0.34 damage multiplier). The energy gain from Energy Absorption can be useful for mitigating the energy costs of the Danger Reductor and Power Shield.

Note that neither component of Energy Absorption applies to the damage over time from poison abilities, only to the initial impact damage. However, it does apply to damage from lava in Adventures on lava planets, periodically granting energy as you stand in it.

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