The Regal Ring is a socializing tool in the Captain Outfitter.


Regal Ring is an embellished, exquisitely decorated ring with a thick band.


The Regal Ring enables Royal Charm, which essentially acts as a level 6 Charm. It requires no energy to use and thus, cannot be upgraded. Royal Charm causes the Captain to bow, humbly, in a sophisticated manner, and also plays a trumpet-like sound when used. This accessory is ideal for players who seek to upgrade their captain's overall sociability without having to rely on energy.

It can be scaled down to fit a captain's finger, or scaled up to act as a unique set of shoulder pads, or even a crown (if placed on top of a captain's head).


The Regal Ring is a solid choice for captains who are either energy independent, or those who have a weak or non-existent Charm ability.

Players who wish to maximize their potential in the Charm ability may consider Synergizer as a better alternative.

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